All N. C. judge seats now partisan, but no judicial primary in 2018

All judge elections in N. C. are now partisan, by actions of the state General Assembly. That includes the state Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Superior and District courts. 

However, there was NOT be a party primary in early 2018 to select each party’s nominees. The N. C. General Assembly has canceled the 2018 primary election for judges at all levels, and candidates dud not file during the February 2018 period when candidates do for other offices.


-- All judge candidates will file their notices of candidacy during a special judicial filing period June 18-29, 2018.

-- Since there will have been no primary to narrow the number of candidates by party, the November 2018 ballots will list ALL of the candidates that filed for a particular judge seat, showing their party affiliations.(This could make for a quite long ballot!) The candidate receiving the most votes wins.

One reason given for canceling the primary is that the General Assembly’s Republican majority is considering a reconfiguration of North Carolina’s judicial districts and possibly other changes to the judicial system. Conceivably, if enacted in time, the changes could affect the judgeships open for election in 2018 (districts, terms, etc.).

However, IF judge seats remain as they have been, the following are judge seats that will be open for election in November 2018 and voted on in Cleveland County. The list shows the incumbents.

27B District court Judge, 4 years: Ali B. Paksoy, Jr. (D)

27B Superior Court Judge, 8 years:
Forrest D. Bridges (D) 

N. C. Court of Appeals, 8 years (three seats): Rick Elmore (R), Ann Calabria (R), and John Arrowood (D). (Elmore and Calabria have indicated they will not run again)

N. C. Supreme Court, 8 years: Barbara Jackson (R)