Proposed legislative maps change Cleveland's state senate district
In response to a court order, proposed new maps for state House and Senate districts were adopted Aug. 30 by the Republican-majority N. C. General Assembly. The maps aren’t final—more court activity is expected. But if the maps stand as adopted, Cleveland County would be in a different state Senate district paired with different counties. No change would be made in Cleveland’s House districts.

A three-judge U.S. District Court panel in July had given the General Assembly a Sept. 1 deadline to present new legislative maps. Earlier, in August 2016, the court had ruled the districts enacted in 2011 were an unconstitutional racial gerrymander.

Now the three-judge panel will decide whether to accept the new maps for the 2018 election. It’s not known when the panel’s ruling will come, Whatever the panel decides, the losing party could appeal the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Update Nov. 14, 2017: The three-judge panel appointed a "special master" to assist it in evaluating lines, and the master has until Dec. 1 to submit a report. The master's interim report makes no further changes in lines earlier proposed for Cleveland County. See this news article.

Among those awaiting the panel’s decision and hoping for quick resolution are incumbent House and Senate members and potential challengers looking toward the 2018 election. What areas will their districts comprise? 

Potential effects for Cleveland, neighboring counties

Cleveland County’s N. C. House and Senate districts were not among those ruled unconstitutional in a 2016 challenge. However, their boundaries were subject to changes as the N. C. General Assembly adjusted others that were.

It appears that no change is proposed for House Districts 110 and 111. District 111 at present is entirely within Cleveland County and its incumbent legislator is Republican Rep. Tim Moore. Part of District 110 is in Cleveland County. Its incumbent is Republican Rep. Kelly Hastings.

However, the redistricting map now up for approval by the three-judge panel would make significant change to Cleveland County’s N. C. Senate district. At present, Cleveland and Burke counties are paired in N. C. Senate District 46, where Republican Warren Daniel of Morganton is incumbent.

The new Senate district map moves Cleveland County to a reconfigured Senate District 44, grouped with Lincoln County and what appear two precincts in northeastern Gaston County. The incumbent state senator in this area isRepublican David Curtis of Lincolnton.

Comment from State Sen. Warren Daniel
There has been little publicity regarding the N. C. General Assembly's proposed redistricting maps. Public hearings were held across the state in the few days after the maps were released. Here is an article about one of the hearings, in Caldwell Ccounty,  Here's an excerpt:

"Sen. Warren Daniel, who represents the 46th district and is a member of the Senate redistricting committee, was present at the hearing. Daniel is one of the senators who will see his district change under the new map – he would represent Burke, Caldwell and Avery counties. Daniel currently represents Burke and Cleveland counties.

“Burke and Caldwell have been aligned since after World War II, most of that time Burke and Caldwell had always been together as a district, so there’s a lot of economic similarities,” Daniel said in an interview during the break in the meeting. “I think from an economic standpoint, the two counties, and Avery, fit together.”