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 Cleveland County Democratic Party: Welcome and good wishes
Longtime friends and newcomers alike, we bid you all welcome to the website home of our Cleveland County Democratic Party. We're a diverse group of folks in the foothills of North Carolina, volunteers all. We recognize that working together in politics is a way way democracy affords us to help improve our communities and country. Explore this website to find out more about who we are and what we do. We're happy to have others join in.

And join us now as an energetic election period gives way to a time of family and friends, holidays and holy days and homecomings. Warm greetings of this special season, we say, and good wishes to all.

 Ready, set, go!  Cleveland Dems getting ready for the race. Plan to join in.
After midterm elections and a welcome holiday respite, CCDP starts a new two-year election cycle  in January. We'll help nominate our Democratic presidential candidate and work to get that candidate (and Dem nominees for other office) elected in November 2000.

 And everything starts here at the grassroots!  CCDP will hold annual precinct meetings in February 2019 to get organized for the two years ahead. The meetings  open to any interested Democrat registered in Cleveland County. Newcomers are welcome.

Attending a Dem precinct meeting is a great place to start if you want to be more involved in party activitres and help shape its directions. Meeting dates and locations will be announced in mid-January. Watch for the announcement!
Want to know more about Cleveland County's precincts and districts, as well as Voter Tabulation Districts? You'll find a summary here, with maps. To confirm what voting precinct and districts you're in, visit the state voter look-up page and enter your name and county.