Appreciating a great effort

On behalf of the Cleveland County Democratic Party, we offer warm thanks to the many involved with us in this historic 2016 election:

> The fine Democratic candidates who stepped forth to offer their service in elected office.

> The many volunteers who supported them and the party--helping register voters, phone-banking, canvassing, supporting headquarters, placing signs, working as poll greeters distributing sample ballots and many ways!

> The supporters who donated campaign funds and necessities.

> The voters who supported Dem candidates on the ballot...

> The election officials and workers who helped us vote.

Thank you!

Secretary Clinton, President Obama call for unity, smooth transition
The day after one of the hardest-fought presidential elections in modern history, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton gracefully conceded to her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, Later in the day, President Barack Obama also spoke to the nation. Both cited America's long traditions of orderly transitions of power, and called on all to stay fast to America's values and give the new President-elect the opportunity to demonstrate his leadership.


"We have to remember that we're actually all on one team…We’re not Democrats first, we're not Republicans first, we are Americans first. We're patriots first. We all want what’s best for this country."

--President Obama, November 9, 2016

General election results

Click the link above to find general election results. Use the form at the top left of the page to specify the county, state, or judicial races you'd like to see. Official figures are posted after provisional ballots are dealt with and votes are canvassed by the local Boards of Elections.
 --Nov. 9, 2016

More election news...

Morgan defeats Edmunds in N.C. Supreme Court race, News and Observer, Raleigh, Nov. 8, 2016:
The balance of the state Supreme Court shifted to the Democratic majority Tuesday as Mike Morgan defeated incumbent Robert “Bob” Edmunds with 95 percent of precincts reporting....

(Judge Morgan carried Cleveland County. Another Democrat, Meredith Shuford, was successful in retaining her seat as District 27B judge.)


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Roy Cooper to be next governor 
of North Carolina

Statement by Governor-Elect Cooper:

I want to thank Governor McCrory and our First Lady Ann McCrory for their service to our state. Kristin and I look forward to working with them and their staff in what I expect will be a smooth transition.

I’m proud to have received the support from so many who believe that we can come together to make a North Carolina that works for everyone. It will be the honor of my life to serve this great state. While this was a divisive election season, I know still that there is more that unites us than divides us. Together, we can make North Carolina the shining beacon in the south by investing in our schools, supporting working families and building a state that works for everyone. I’d like to thank all of the hardworking families in North Carolina, and I look forward to serving the greatest state in the country as your Governor.