Strong Dem candidates on ballot for 2014 elections
The May 6 Democratic primary ballot in Cleveland County will list candidates for the Dem nomination in three races--district attorney, county coroner, and U. S. Senator. Other Dems who have filed as candidates representing the county are unopposed for the party's nomination, and their names will appear on the November general election ballot.

Statewide, all party primary ballots will also include a non-partisan race for a seat on the N. C. Supreme Court. Incumbent Justice Robin Hudson, a Democrat, has two primary challengers. The primary will narrow the field to just two for the general election. (Read news media commentary about this race to see why it's crucial for Dems to turn out.)

2014 Dem county convention looks to elections ahead
Cleveland County Democrats gathered in annual convention April 5 to cheer on their candidates, adopt resolutions, elect Robin Smith of Kings Mountain (right) as new chair, and rally for what’s expected to be a hard-fought November general news release.

Read convention resolutions:

Media scan

03.31.2014 GOP Uses Historic Win to Remake North Carolina Map, by Stephen Ohlenmacher, Associated Press
The 2012 election should have been a good one for Democrats running for Congress in North Carolina. They received a total of 2.2 million votes — about 81,000 more than their Republican opponents. But when those votes were divvied up among the state's 13 House districts, Democrats came up short. Way short....

VPivotal swing states under Republican control are embracing significant new electoral restrictions on registering and voting that go beyond the voter identification requirements that have caused fierce partisan brawls....

03.24.2014  Common Core opponents hurt their credibility with outlandish claimseditorial, Raleigh News and Observer   ...Opponents speak of Common Core as if it were some kind of plot hatched in Washington. Some of these opponents would fit right in with the tea party conspiracy theorists who likely believe that it is all connected to President Obama, But Common Core came about because of governors. Governors....
 (If you want more information about Common Core, please also see the Core Standards Initiative website, especially taking note of  Myths and Facts.)

...“Largely because of attacks on North Carolina on every constituency you can name — women, workers, environmental rights, the progressive movement — there really has been an effort to come together in a stronger way than we’ve seen before"....

02.28.2014  Filing period reveals upshot of redistricting: fewer challengers, Raleigh News and Observer
03.01.2014  Derailing democracyPolitics North Carolina
These two articles describe the effect of GOP redistricting in our state.

This powerful documentary by Bill Moyers, aired Jan. 3, describes North Carolina’s 
rightward shift and the ensuing conflict between state lawmakers and citizen protesters. Without varnish, it lays out the effects of actions by the GOP legislature, governor, and backer Art Pope.

 Alan Norman 
 Mitzi McGraw Johnson
 Superior Court Clerk
 Eddie Holbrook 
 County Commission
 Willie B. McIntosh
 County Commission 

Dem candidates file for Congress, N. C. legislature
Tate MacQueen of Asheville is our Dem candidate for the U. S. House, 10th district. The district comprises all of Cleveland, Rutherford, Gaston, Lincoln, Catawba, and Polk--and generally the Asheville area of Buncombe County.      
 Tate MacQueen.
 U. S.Congress, Dist. 10

Emily B. Church
NC Senate, Dist. 46
     Nick Carpenter
     NC House, Dist. 111

Emily B. Church of Valdese is our candidate for the N. C. Sen ate, District 46, which comprises Cleveland and Burke Counties. 
Nick Carpenter of Shelby, formerly chair of the Cleveland County Democratic party, is our Dem candicate for the District 111 seat in the N. C. House.

Lipscomb leads DWCC
Brenda Lipscomb of Grover has been elected president of Democratic Women of Cleveland County, succeeding Julie Stockton who resigned as she recovers from an injury. Lipscomb has been the group's vice president. Elected to succeed her as vice president is Leatha Lockhart of Grover. DWCC hosted the highly successful state convention of Democratic Women of North Carolina and expects to be active in supporting the election of Dem candidates in 2014. The group's meetings are held on third Mondays. If you'd like to be involved, contact us

By the filing deadline Feb. 28, our Democratic candidate list had grown to include both popular incumbents unopposed for our party's nomination as well as some newcomers.

In November, you'll be marking your ballot choice for seats in the U. S. Senate and U. S. House of Representatives and in the North Carolina Senate and House, for county sheriff, clerk of Superior Court, two county commission seats, county coroner, and district attorney. Several non-partisan judicial races will also be on ballots.

Highlights at the county government level: 

No challenger from any party filed to run against incumbent Superior Court Clerk Mitzi Johnson.

Incumbent Sheriff Alan Norman has no primary opposition.
Voters will fill two county commission seats in the November general election, and two experienced leaders have filed as our party's nominees. Eddie Holbrook serves on the commission now, and Willie B. McIntosh is a former commissioner.

Mah 2014 candidates

2014 Primary Election Voter Guide (N. C. Board of Elections)

Sample ballots from NC Board of Elections (Click on Resources, then Sample Ballots, wait for the page to load, and look up Cleveland County and your precinct on the list)

Request an absentee ballot (web form you can fill out online, print, sign, and transmit to Cleveland County Elections Board)
Your ballot: voters who are registered as Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarians must vote their party's ballot. Unaffiliated voters may choose which party ballot to vote. All ballots include non-partisan judicial candidates.

Absentee voting:
  March 17: absentee voting begins
  April 29: last day to request absentee ballot
  May 6: last day to return absentee ballot

More information on registration, changing registration, voting law changes


10th District Democrats turn 
out to make our voices heard

(Top photo) District 10 Dems were among those gathered Saturday, Feb. 8, for the eighth Historic Thousands on Jones Street People's Assembly in Raleigh. Here are Mary Degree, Collyn Warner, Nick Carpenter, Donna Luckey, Betsy Wells, and Jeannie Allen. Nick is CCDP chair and Betsy is Tenth District Democrats chair.

(Bottom photo) It wasn't just actions of the state legislature that Dems protested in 2013 by joining in "Moral Monday" activities. It was also GOP opposition in the U. S. Congress to needed policy actions,. Here, Donna Luckey of Lincoln County , left, and Betsy Wells of Cleveland County help make sure Dem voices are heard before a healthcare act hearing held in Gastonia by GOP members of the House Oversight Committee.