History, Genealogy, and Other Peripheral Subjects pertaining to Cleveland, Ohio. The how, when, and why people settled in the different areas of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

"About the Neighborhoods Project"

Photo taken by Laura Hine

Our main goal is to show the genealogy of the neighborhoods of the Greater Cleveland area. We will show the how, when and why people settled in the different areas, and then their migration to other parts of Greater Cleveland, Cuyahoga County (or beyond). The evolution of each neighborhood is reflected by the ethnic groups that settled them, and so we will discuss the histories of various ethnic groups who settled in each neighborhood and why they settled there.

Initially, we will discuss the area known as "The Flats", because this is where Moses Cleaveland landed and where Lorenzo Carter settled. The Flats is truly Cleveland's first neighborhood. From there we will follow the migration of the early settlers, moving on to what became the neighborhoods of the West and Southwest Sides of Cleveland, Ohio.

Another goal is to help the genealogist/family historian by providing information or pointing them toward information that will help research their family history. In our genealogy research it was extremely important for us to understand the way of life of our ancestors and we hope to do that for others by providing as much detail as possible about each neighborhood and the people who lived in them. We hope to share a sense of the location, the history, the families, and the way of life growing up in one of the many neighborhoods comprising Cleveland, Ohio. We plan to touch on the things that are pertinent to people's everyday lives: where they worked, what they did, where they went, and how they got there. Along this line, planned topics include churches and church members, schools and teachers, funeral homes, businesses, parks, amusements and social halls, and roads and transportation. We will include as many pictures as possible representing "Then and Now", "Street Scenes", and "Neighborhood Landmarks". Just for fun we will have pictures of our collection of Penny Postcards and a nostalgic section called "Remember When".

As family history researchers, we know that these details... or "peripherals" ... are the things that fill in the skeleton of a list of names and dates and transform the lists into a living person. The peripherals tell us what we REALLY want to know: what were they like?

For those interested in genealogy research, see my sister site that will tell you just how to go about it: https://sites.google.com/site/faqcuyahogactyresearch/home

Last updated January 6, 2014