Buddy Guidelines

Game Guidelines for TOPSoccer Buddies

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before game time. When your buddy arrives, get a ball and warm up by rolling and kicking it back and forth on the field. If there are players who are without buddies, include them as long as necessary.

• Assist your player in getting into position when the coaches signal to do so. Players will be introduced before each game. Encourage your player to listen for his or her name and move to position when introduced. If you need to accompany your player, this is acceptable, but if the players are able to go alone, we encourage them to do so.

• Balls taken to the field for warmups should be returned to the sidelines before play begins.

• We want to encourage all players to be as involved and as independent as possible throughout the game. Don’t ever make a play yourself!  Your role is to support the play.

• We are not concerned with keeping score. As a general rule, focus on helping your player guide and kick the ball.

• If you feel that a ball coming toward your player is potentially dangerous, knock it down with your hands or feet, and then allow the player to field it. If you must catch or stop the ball, put it back in play by rolling it to a player.

• Immediately following each game, teams will line up to shake hands. Buddies are encouraged to participate as a model of sportsmanship and respect for the players’ efforts and success.