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Clips from Mock Turtle Soup Shows




  • James' Standup
    • MTS's very own James Robilotta performs his standup at the March 2006 show.
  • Puppets
    • Two audience members help MTS out in the game, Puppets.
  • Switch
    • MTS plays "Switch." (Best if you watch James' standup before this.)
  • B-Movie
    • Audience members give suggestions for B-Movies that were so bad...
  • Hesitation
    • Two audience members give words on demand in a short-form game.
  • Mouse Traps
    • Let's let this one speak for itself.

MTS Originals

Movies directed by and starring MTS

  • The Love Seat Dating Video
    • Singles try to find that special someone with the help of The Love Seat Dating Service.
  • The Love Seat 2
    • Even more singles try to find love with the help of the ever-popular The Love Seat Dating Service.
  • Scooby Chase
    • A deleted scene from the MTS horror classic "Date of the Dead."
  • Feud
    • An interesting video made by Alyssa, Bryan, and Alumni Jason Underwood.
  • Desperate
    • Jason and Bryan are a little, well, desperate.
  • Places to Hide a Dead Body
    • Finally, an instructional video for my problems.

Home Videos

MTS just hanging out

Seriously, how often do you hang out with a video camera?