Nocturnal Soup

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Funny name and funny show! 

After our Mainstage Show, there is a smaller, more artistic and adult show called Nocturnal Soup.  This takes place in Lee Hall 100 (the small auditorium near the art gallery) and lasts about 45 minutes.

This is a chance for the members of Mock Turtle Soup to try out new and different forms.  This is almost exclusively long form and is not for the faint of art.  It is a more adult show, with a PG 13 - R rating.  Here you will typically see smaller groups of people do longer sets of scenes.  Because of the shorter length and the focus on improvisational education, this show is only $1.

Here are some examples of things you might see at a Nocturnal Soup show:

- "The Bat"= This is a series of scenes all done with the lights off.  The audio is live, but the visuals are left to the imaginations of the audience.

- "The Harrison" (or the yeah, but) = This is a jab at the "rules of improv" and is somewhere between a short and long form.  It is a set of 15 scenes all with unusual constraints.

- "Driving with a Stranger" = The improviser will grab a random person from the audience and do a 10-15 minutes scene with them in a car.  Be careful when we ask for audience help!

-"The Mockward Silence" = A mock turtle twist on a troupe/form named Awkward Silence

-The Sketch Show = Mock Turtle Soup used to have a seperate sketch group called "Ask your Doctor".  Recently, MTS have called special sketch shows where the jokes are not made up on the spot, but we love them anyway.

-Stand-up = Some turtles have gotten the itch to perform stand-up comedy for your viewing pleasure.

-2-man forms= If you've never seen 2 people do an entire longform, you've never seen a 2-man longform.  At Nocturnal, that's exactly the kind of thing you'd see.