Walking Through and Stepping Up

Sometimes life is hard, filled with obstacles and challenges. David experienced many hardships
in his life, but he also found strength through his relationship with God. Join us for this
series as we explore the life of David up until he became king. As we study I and II Samuel, we will also read a number of David's own psalms. Together, these texts will give us much to consider and emulate.

0107 Introduction 
0114 He Looks at the Heart [I Sam. 16:1-13]
0121 The Definition of Irony [I Sam. 16:14-23]
0128 Goliaths in Your Life [I Sam. 17:1-11] 
0204 Will YOU Step Up? [I Sam. 17:12-37]
0211 The Battle is the Lord's [I Sam. 17:38-54]
0218 Whose Son are You? [I Sam. 17:55-18:9]
0225 Don't Mess with the Blessed [I Sam. 18:10-18:30]
0304 When They Know that You Know [I Sam. 19:1-17]
0311 When the Lord and Love Intervene [I Sam. 19:18-20:16]
0318 Hard Truth Revealed [I Sam. 20:17-42]
0325 Consecrated Bread [I Sam. 21:1-9]
0401 The Greatest Shepherd and King 
0408 Never Alone [I Sam. 21:10-22:5]
0415 No Turning Back [I Sam. 22:6-23]
0422 Serving while Struggling [I Sam. 23:1-18]
0429 Saved by Enemies [I Sam. 23:19-29]
0506 Mercy Leading to Repentance? [I Sam. 24:1-22]
0513 One Wise Among Fools [I Sam. 25:1-44]
0520 The King Who Cried Repentance [I Sam. 26:1-25]
0527 Living Among Enemies [I Sam. 27:1-12]
0603 Samuel and Saul Redux [I Sam. 28:1-25]
0610 Making Friends of Enemies [I Sam. 29:1-11]
0617 Leading Wisely [I Sam 30:1-31]
0624 Reaping What One Has Sown [I Sam. 31:1-II Sam. 1:15]
0701 Mourning, and Then... [II Sam. 1:16-2:4a]