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Reflections on the 2017 GCC Pastors' Conference - Fred Custer
Telling Your Story; What I Learned at WMPL Camp - Daniel Custer

"Grow the Church" Part 4: Who Grows the Church? - Carl Baum
Prayer Corner: Upcoming Missional Activities - Janet Rollins

April 2017
"Grow the Church" Part 3: Converts vs. Disciples - Carl Baum

"Grow the Church" Part 2: Kinds of Growth - Carl Baum

"Grow the Church" Part 1: Why Grow? - Carl Baum
What Does It Mean to Be a Missionary? - Daniel Custer

Reflections on Purity and the Body of Christ - Grace Custer
Poetry: Tidings of Consolation and Callouses - Jessica Mussro

"Peculiar Things" Part 11: Loving in Community - John Farmer

"Peculiar Things" Part 10: Nondenominational but Partnering - Carl Baum

"Peculiar Things" Part 9: Every Member Evangelism - Carl Baum

"Peculiar Things" Part 8: Every Member Ministry - Carl Baum
"Remember When..." Flashback to II Corinthians Series - Janet Rollins
"Peculiar Things" Part 7: Baptism and Communion - Carl Baum
Farewell & Thank You Letter to CCC from James

June 2016
"Peculiar Things" Part 6: Monthly Sharing Times - John Farmer
Haircuts from Heaven: Sharing our God-given Talents - Betty Chen

April 2016
"Peculiar Things" Part 5: No Traditional Offering - Carl Baum
A Peek into the Weekly Bible Study at TTI - Brad White
International Missions and Ministry Updates

March 2016
"Friends... Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears" - Carl Baum
Reflecting on my Urbana '15 Experience - Tim Ruohoniemi

"Peculiar Things" Part 4: Informal Membership - Carl Baum
Family: An Endangered Species Conference - Janet Rollins
Faithwalkers: Why is It Such a Big Deal Anyway? - Janet Rollins

January 2016
"Peculiar Things" Part 3: Unpaid Elders - Carl Baum
"Remember When..." A Meditation for Preparation - Janet Rollins

December 2015
Reflecting on Jesus: A Christmas Prayer - Melissa Sternhagen
Human and Holy: A Christmas Song of Worship - Janet Rollins

"Peculiar Things" Part 2: Plurality of Equal Elders - Carl Baum
One Crazy Adventure: Reading the Bible at Bosch - John Farmer

"Peculiar Things" Part 1: Introduction - Carl Baum
"Remember When..." Flashback to Former Sermon Series - Janet Rollins

Clemson CC Vision Cast - Our Church Ends (Part 9) - John Farmer
Great Commission Churches 2015 Pastors Conference - John Farmer
Southeast Regional Community Church Huddle - John Farmer

Clemson CC Vision Cast - Our Church Ends (Part 8) - John Farmer
Sneak Peek: Church Family Meeting
Extravagant Commitment: How to Make a Difference - Tim Ruohoniemi
Community Connection: Foothills Pregnancy Care - Janet Rollins

Clemson CC Vision Cast - Our Church Ends (Part 7) - John Farmer
Baby Hat Drive: A Family-Centered Service Opportunity - Janet Rollins
CU Faculty Commons: Finding Commonality in Christ - Carl Baum

Clemson CC Vision Cast - Our Church Ends (Part 6) - John Farmer
Frog & Toad Come to Church: Performers' Perspective - many young contributors
Reflections on the Ladies' Study of I & II Thessalonians - Jessica Mussro

Clemson CC Vision Cast - Our Church Ends (Part 5) - John Farmer
A Closer Look at the Teen Fellowship and its Impact - Daniel Custer
NC State Outreach Team - Carl Baum
God's Divine Appointments - Brian Bridgeman

Clemson CC Vision Cast - Our Church Ends (Part 4) - John Farmer
Southern Wesleyan University Ladies' Small Group - Janet Rollins
Community Connection: Clemson Community Care - Janet Rollins

Clemson CC Vision Cast - Our Church Ends (Part 3) - John Farmer
Clemson University Outreach Class - Erica Glover
Opportunity to Serve: Sunday Morning Greeters - John Farmer

Clemson CC Vision Cast - Our Church Ends (Part 2) - John Farmer
Singing at Sterling House: A Double Blessing of Joy! - Sarah Baum
Two Men (Poetry) - Carl Baum
Yule is Really Spring (Poetry) - Jessica Mussro
Artwork - Taryn Farmer

Clemson CC Vision Cast - Our Church Ends (Part 1) - John Farmer
My Perspective: Discipleship is a Blessing, Not a Burden - Grace Custer