Opportunities to Serve

Children's Ministry
There are opportunities to teach the children on Sunday morning. We can provide materials for you to use. There are also opportunities to serve in the nursery. Generally, one serves in these roles for a 5 or 6-week rotation. All people who wish to work with children will first be subject to a background check. For more information or to volunteer, contact Mimi Baum.

Worship Team
If you play an instrument or love to sing, there are opportunities to be a part of the worship team. Practices are Thursday evening from 7:30 until 9 pm and Sunday morning before church from 8:45 until 9:45 am. For more information, contact John Farmer.

Drama Ministry
We put on simple dramas from time to time as a part of our Sunday morning services. If you like to act (or just act silly), we would love for you to participate with us. For more information, contact Carl Baum.
Technical Experts
Actually you don't need to be an expert to help with technical matters; we'll fully train you in what to do. We have opportunities in helping to maintain this web site and in running the sound booth and Powerpoint on Sunday mornings. For more information, contact Carl Baum.
Facilities Maintenance
Do you have a green thumb? Are you good at fixing stuff, or do you just want to learn? There are always things to improve around here, from the ground (landscaping) to the ceiling (ceiling fans) and everything in between. For more information, contact March Maguire.
Church Work Days
Did you know that in the old days a community would get together and build a major building (a barn, a church, etc.) in a single day? Well from time to time we all get together on a Saturday morning to work on things that need work at our building, both outside and inside. It is amazing how much can get done, and it's also a good time of fellowship together. For more information keep an eye on What's Happening or contact March Maguire.
College Ministry
There are more opportunities to serve in college ministry than we can write down! From helping to organize events, to making cookies or pancakes (or whatever we are making) for outreaches, to helping to make food or playing guitar during the Friday night home fellowships, to helping to co-lead Bible studies, and to simply making friends and following up with new people, there really is no limit to how God can use you in our college ministry. For more information contact Brian Bridgeman.

Brookdale Outreach
On the second Saturday of every month we visit a retirement home in Central. What do we do there? We play the piano (and any other instruments we bring) and sing a bunch of old-style hymns. We also just visit with the people there, sharing Christ's love. What is a church with contemporary worship doing singing hymns at a nursing center? All we can say is God has a great sense of humor. There are opportunities to sing, play an instrument, and just be friendly. We guarantee that you will go away at least as encouraged as the people who live there. For more information keep an eye on What's Happening or contact Melissa Farmer.

Community Outreach
About once a quarter we spend a Saturday afternoon visiting with people in our nearby community, offering to pray for them, sharing about Christ, and for those who don't have a church home, telling them a little about us. We always bring a gift of some kind (fruit, back-to-school supplies, etc.) and expectant hearts. If you've never done this before it may sound a little scary, but we'll team you with people who have done this many times. It's always incredibly encouraging for us as well as for those we visit. There are also tremendous opportunities to follow up with people who "connect" with us. Some people may have physical limitations or other reasons why they cannot come to church, and our visits may be their only way of connecting with believers. For more information keep an eye on What's Happening or contact Fred Custer.