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DateMessage TitleSpeakerSeriesTextAudio
2018-02-18 Whose Son are You? John Farmer Walking Through and Stepping Up Transcript Audio 
2018-02-11 The Battle is the Lord's Tim Ruohoniemi Walking Through and Stepping Up Transcript Audio 
2018-02-04 Will YOU Step Up? Carl Baum Walking Through and Stepping Up Transcript Audio 
2018-01-28 Goliaths in Your Life Brian Bridgeman Walking Through and Stepping Up Transcript Audio 
2018-01-21 The Definition of Irony Tim Ruohoniemi Walking Through & Stepping Up Transcript Audio 
2018-01-14 He Looks at the Heart John Farmer Walking Through & Stepping Up Transcript Audio 
2018-01-07 Introduction Carl Baum Walking Through & Stepping Up Transcript Audio 
2017-12-31 Year In Review John Farmer  Transcript Audio 
2017-12-24 The Happy Birthday Celebration that Never Ends Fred Custer Transcript  
2017-12-17 Treasure and Ponder Carl Baum  Transcript Audio 
2017-12-10 Winning the War John Farmer The War Transcript Audio 
2017-12-03 Taking Ground Brian Bridgeman The War Transcript Audio 
2017-11-26 The Weapon of Praise Tim Ruohoniemi The War Transcript Audio 
2017-11-19 Captivity is not Defeat Carl Baum The War Transcript Audio 
2017-11-12 The Secret Weapon Tim Ruohoniemi The War Transcript Audio 
2017-11-05 Defend with an Offensive Weapon Carl Baum The War Transcript Audio 
2017-10-29 Protect Your Head John Farmer The War Transcript Audio 
2017-10-22 Fight Fire with...Fire Extinguishers! Jonathan Rollins The War Transcript Audio 
2017-10-15 Wage War With Peace John Farmer The War Transcript Audio 
2017-10-08 Just Who are the Good Guys? Fred Custer The War Transcript Audio 
2017-10-01 Hold the Hill Carl Baum The War Transcript Audio 
2017-09-24 The Most Important Battle Jonathan Rollins The War Transcript Audio 
2017-09-17 Two Commanders John Farmer The War Transcript Audio 
2017-09-10 Two Armies Tim Ruohoniemi The War Transcript Audio 
2017-09-03 Playground or Battlefield? Carl Baum The War Transcript Audio 
2017-08-27 A New Hope John Farmer Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-08-20 The Fall of Saul Tim Ruohoniemi Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-08-13 Pseudo-spirituality John Farmer Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-08-06 Faithless Father & Faith-Filled Son Carl Baum Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-07-30 A Man After His Own Heart Tim Ruohoniemi Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-07-23 Fear the Lord and Serve Him Fred Custer Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-07-16 The Creeds Carl Baum  Transcript Audio 
2017-07-09 Rescue in the Power of the Lord John Farmer Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-07-02 The Hidden King Carl Baum Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-06-25 But Am I Not Small? John Farmer Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-06-18 Rejecting the True King Brian Bridgeman Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-06-11 Confession & Deliverance John Farmer Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-06-04 Who Can Stand? Fred Custer Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-05-28 Plagues Again Carl Baum Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-05-21 A Loud Noise Only John Farmer Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-05-14 Called to Speak Hard Truth Jonathan Rollins Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-05-07 A Contrast of Sons John Farmer Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-04-30 Rejoicing in the Lord Tim Ruohoniemi Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-04-23 Giving to the Lord Carl Baum Prophet & King Transcript Audio 
2017-04-16 The Tomb Could Not Hold Him John Farmer Jesus the Overcomer Transcript Audio 
2017-04-09 Golgotha Could Not Defeat Him Carl Baum Jesus the Overcomer Transcript Audio 
2017-04-02 The Courts Could Not Judge Him Jonathan Rollins Jesus the Overcomer Transcript Audio 
2017-03-26 Gethsemane Could Not Overwhelm Him John Farmer Jesus the Overcomer Transcript Audio 
2017-03-19 Everything in Love Tim Ruohoniemi 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-03-12 Collections and Open Doors John Farmer 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-03-05 Bearing A New Image Carl Baum 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-02-26 Firstfruits Tim Ruohoniemi 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-02-19 Died, Buried, and Raised Fred Custer 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-02-12 When You Come Together John Farmer 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-02-05 Signs & Secrets Carl Baum 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-01-29 The Way of Love Carl Baum 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-01-22 The Persistence of Love John Farmer 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-01-15 True Love Brian Bridgeman 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-01-08 The Most Excellent Way Carl Baum 1 Corinthians: Of First Importance Transcript  
2017-01-01 Signs of Christian Maturity Fred Custer  Transcript  
2016-12-18 Not Just Another Christmas John Farmer  Transcript  
2016-12-11 Us: Die Carl Baum Sing & Tremble: Worship Transcript  
2016-12-04 Us: Bow Tim Ruohoniemi Sing & Tremble: Worship Transcript  
2016-11-27 Us: Gather Brian Bridgeman Sing & Tremble: Worship Transcript  
2016-11-27 Us: Love John Farmer Sing & Tremble: Worship Transcript  
2016-11-13 God: Father Carl Baum Sing & Tremble: Worship Transcript  
2016-11-06 God: Shepherd John Farmer Sing & Tremble: Worship Transcript  
2016-10-30 God: Savior Brian Bridgeman Sing & Tremble: Worship Transcript  
2016-10-23 God: Creator Carl Baum Sing & Tremble: Worship Transcript  
2016-10-16 Worship: God and Us Carl Baum Sing & Tremble: Worship Transcript  
2016-10-09 Indispensable and... John Farmer 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-10-02 Different Kinds of Gifts Tim Ruohoniemi 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-09-25 The Lord's Supper John Farmer 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-09-18 Coverings Carl Baum 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-09-11 Running from Idolatry Brian Bridgeman 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-09-04 Running to Win Carl Baum 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-08-28 Self-Denial for the Gospel John Farmer 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-08-21 Voluntary Limits to Freedom Tim Ruohoniemi 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-08-14 Divine Design Scott Brittin    
2016-08-07 Live as God Has Called You John Farmer 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-07-31 Marriage and Singleness Fred Custer 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensible Transcript  
2016-07-24 The Humility of Fleeing Tim Ruohoniemi 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-07-17 Defeated Already Brian Bridgeman 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-07-10 Handing Over Carl Baum 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-07-03 Sent Tim Ruohoniemi 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Trancript  
2016-06-26 Entrusted Fred Custer 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-06-19 The Wisdom of this World John Farmer 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-06-12 God's Temple Carl Baum 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-06-05 Not Mere Humans John Farmer 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-05-29 What We Speak Brian Bridgeman 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensible Transcript  
2016-05-22 The "Foolishness" of God Carl Baum 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-05-15 Divisions Among You John Farmer 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-05-08 Introduction; Enriched in Every Way Carl Baum 1 Corinthians: Broken but Indispensable Transcript  
2016-05-01 The Future: New Heavens and New Earth Fred Custer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-04-24 The Future: Judgment John Farmer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-04-17 The Future: Tribulation & Millenium Tim Ruohoniemi Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-04-10 The Future: The Return of Christ Carl Baum Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-04-03 The Church and Body Life: Spiritual Gifts Brian Bridgeman Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-03-27 The Church and Body Life: The Lord's Supper Carl Baum Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-03-20 The Church and Body Life: Baptism John Farmer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-03-13 The Church and Body Life:The True Church Tim Ruohoniemi Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-03-06 Redemption: Death, Resurrection, and In Between John Farmer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-02-27 Redemption: Persevering Brian Bridgeman Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-02-21 Redemption: Growing in Likeness to Him Tim Ruohoniemi Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-02-14 Redemption: Justified and Adopted John Farmer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-02-07 Redemption: True Repentance and Saving Faith Carl Baum Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-01-31 Redemption: To Be Born Again Fred Custer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-01-24 Redemption: The Gospel John Farmer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-01-17 Redemption: The Elect John Farmer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-01-10 Redemption: God's Grace Brian Bridgeman Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2016-01-03 Jesus of Nazareth: Resurrection and Ascension Tim Ruohoniemi Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-12-27 Jesus of Nazareth: Atonement John Farmer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-12-20 Jesus of Nazareth: Incarnation John Farmer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-12-13 Jesus of Nazareth: The Object of Foreshadowing Carl Baum Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-12-06 Jesus of Nazareth: The Focus of Prophecy Carl Baum Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-11-29 Jesus of Nazareth: God and Man Fred Custer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-11-22 Humanity: Fallen John Bullard Sound Doctrine   
2015-11-15 Humanity: Male and Female Carl Baum Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-11-08 Humanity: Soul and Spirit, Flesh and Bone John Farmer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-11-01 God's Creation: A Little Higher than Us Carl Baum Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-10-25 That I May Know Him Sam Allen    
2015-10-18 God's Creation: God's Works Carl Baum Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-10-11 God's Nature: Threeness in Oneness Brian Bridgeman Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-10-04 God's Nature: Like Us Tim Ruohoniemi Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-09-27 God's Nature: Unlike Us John Bullard Sound Doctrine   
2015-09-20 The Bible: Living By God's Word Carl Baum Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-09-13 The Bible: The Nature of God's Word John Farmer Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-09-06 The Bible: Introduction Carl Baum Sound Doctrine Transcript  
2015-08-30 Living Expectantly Fred Custer Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-08-23 Responding to the Invitation John Farmer Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-08-18 Rewarding Faithfulness Tim Ruohoniemi Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-08-09 Understanding God and Self Carl Baum Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-08-02 Great Commission Churches: Past, Present, and the Future John Hopler    
2015-07-26 Grumbling Over Grace Carl Baum Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-07-15 Planning Ahead Tim Ruohoniemi Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-07-12 Losing and Finding Carl Baum Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-07-06 Being a True Disciple John Farmer Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-06-28 Deferring Honor Brian Bridgeman Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-06-21 Helping and Seeking Help Tim Ruohoniemi Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-06-14 Good Servitude Carl Baum Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-06-07 Good Shepherding John Farmer Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-05-31 Obtaining Treasure Fred Custer Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-05-24 Godly Growing Carl Baum Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-05-17 Obstacles to Growth John Bullard Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See   
2015-05-10 Unfaithfulness Carl Baum Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-05-03 Readiness John Farmer Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-04-26 Receiving Brian Bridgeman Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-04-19 Building John Farmer Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-04-12 Introduction Carl Baum Parables: Hidden Truths Plain to See Transcript  
2015-04-05 He is Risen Indeed Fred Custer  Transcript  
2015-03-29 Superhero Practicum Carl Baum, Fred Custer, John Farmer Superheroes through Christ   
2015-03-22 Dying to Win Tim Ruohoniemi Superheroes through Christ Transcript  
2015-03-15 Chi-Rho Men John Farmer Superheroes through Christ Transcript  
2015-03-08 Kryptonite Carl Baum Superheroes through Christ Transcript  
2015-03-01 Arch-Villains John Farmer Superheroes Through Christ Transcript  
2015-02-22 Origin Story Brian Bridgeman Superheroes through Christ Transcript  
2015-02-15 Power Source Carl Baum Superheroes through Christ Transcript  
2015-02-08 Under the Cape Carl Baum Superheroes through Christ Transcript  
2015-02-01 Your Mission John Farmer Superheroes through Christ Transcript  
2015-01-25 Come! Tim Ruohoniemi Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2015-01-18 Now His Dwelling is With Men Carl Baum Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2015-01-11 The Books Were Opened Carl Baum Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2015-01-04 And I Saw Heaven Open John Farmer Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-12-28 Reflections Fred Custer Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-12-21 Worship God Carl Baum Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-12-14 Fine Linen Carl Baum Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-12-07 The Fall of the Fall John Farmer Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-11-30 Mystery John Bullard Revelation: Faithful and True   
2014-11-23 Plagues and Bowls Brian Bridgeman Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-11-16 The Eternal Gospel Carl Baum Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-11-09 Man's Number John Farmer Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-11-02 The Dragon Carl Baum Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-10-26 Kingdom Come Fred Custer Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-10-19 Sweet Turning Sour John Farmer Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-10-12 Unrepentant Carl Baum Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-10-05 Blasts Tim Ruohoniemi Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-09-28 Made White With Blood Brian Bridgeman Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-09-21 Wait a Little Longer John Bullard (Special Guest Tom Anderson) Revelation: Faithful and True   
2014-09-14 Who is Worthy? Carl Baum Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-09-07 ...Let Him Hear John Farmer Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-08-31 He Who has an Ear... Tim Ruohoniemi Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-08-24 Do Not Be Afraid Carl Baum Revelation: Faithful and True Transcript  
2014-08-17 Praise in Unity Carl Baum Psalms of Ascent Transcript  
2014-08-10 The Radiant Crown John Farmer Psalms of Ascent Transcript  
2014-08-03 Put Your Hope in Him Tim Ruohoniemi Psalms of Ascent Transcript  
2014-07-27 Cut Free Carl Baum Psalms of Ascent Transcript  
2014-07-20 Anxiety vs. Fear/Trust in the Lord Fred Custer Psalms of Ascent Transcript  
2014-07-13 Unshakable with Tears Brian Bridgeman Psalms of Ascent Transcript  
2014-07-06 Our Mercy and Help Carl Baum Psalms of Ascent Transcript  
2014-06-29 Thrones Carl Baum Psalms of Ascent Transcript  
2014-06-22 This Is Not Our Home John Farmer Psalms of Ascent Transcript  
2014-06-15 But As For Me John Bullard Micah: Walk Humbly   
2014-06-08 What the Lord Requires Carl Baum Micah: Walk Humbly Transcript  
2014-06-01 Majestic Shepherd Fred Custer Micah: Walk Humbly Transcript  
2014-05-25 Come Let Us Go Up Carl Baum Micah: Walk Humbly Transcript  
2014-05-18 Despising Justice Brian Bridgeman Micah: Walk Humbly   
2014-05-11 Den of Thieves John Farmer Micah: Walk Humbly Transcript  
2014-05-04 Plague of Idolatry Tim Ruohoniemi Micah: Walk Humbly Transcript  
2014-04-27 Introduction to Micah Carl Baum Micah: Walk Humbly Transcript  
2014-04-20 True God and Eternal Life Carl Baum In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-04-13 Really Knowing Brian Bridgeman In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-04-06 Having Life Tim Ruohoniemi In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-03-30 We Love Because... Carl Baum In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-03-23 Relying on His Love John Farmer In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-03-16 Lay Down Your Life Tim Ruohoniemi In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-03-09 Children of God (I John 2:28-3:10) John Bullard In the Light: I John   
2014-03-02 Remain in Him (I John 2:15-27) Brian Bridgeman In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-02-23 I Write to You! (I John 2:12-14) Carl Baum In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-02-16 Love and Hatred (I John 2:3-11) Fred Custer In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-02-09 Light and Darkness (I John 1:5-2:2) John Farmer In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-02-02 True Fellowship (I John 1:1-4) Carl Baum In the Light: I John Transcript  
2014-01-26 Rejecting the Call (Jonah 4:1-4:11) Carl Baum Called: Jonah Transcript  
2014-01-19 Obeying the Call (Jonah 2:10-3:10) Tim Ruohoniemi Called: Jonah Transcript  
2014-01-12 Returning to the Call (Jonah 1:17-2:9) Carl Baum Called: Jonah Transcript  
2014-01-05 Fleeing the Call (Jonah 1:1-1:16) Carl Baum Called: Jonah Transcript  
2013-12-29 My Time Fred Custer Mine Transcript  
2013-12-22 My Gift John Farmer Mine Transcript  
2013-12-15 My Rights Carl Baum Mine Transcript  
2013-12-08 My Stuff Carl Baum Mine Transcript  
2013-12-01 My Relationships Tim Ruohoniemi Mine Transcript  
2013-11-24 Victory/Our Glorious Captain John Farmer Facing Your Enemy Transcript  
2013-11-17 The Rescuing Soldier John Farmer Facing Your Enemy Transcript  
2013-11-10 The Depressed Soldier Fred Custer Facing Your Enemy Transcript  
2013-11-03 The Bitter Soldier Carl Baum Facing Your Enemy Transcript  
2013-10-27 The Lusting Soldier Carl Baum Facing Your Enemy Transcript  
2013-10-20 The Coveting Soldier Carl Baum Facing Your Enemy Transcript  
2013-10-13 The Ashamed Soldier John Bullard Facing Your Enemy   
2013-10-06 The Anxious Soldier Brian Bridgeman Facing Your Enemy Transcript  
2013-09-29 Choosing Your Army Tim Ruohoniemi Facing Your Enemy Transcript  
2013-09-22 Knowing Your Gear John Farmer Facing Your Enemy Transcript  
2013-09-15 Choosing Your Battles Carl Baum Facing Your Enemy Transcript  
2013-09-08 The Gospels vs. Claims of Contradiction Carl Baum Why Believe the Gospels? Transcript  
2013-09-01 The Gospels vs. Claims of Error Carl Baum Why Believe the Gospels? Transcript  
2013-08-25 The Gospels vs. Claims of Fabrication Carl Baum Why Believe the Gospels? Transcript  
2013-08-18 Jude: Build Yourselves Up in the Faith John Farmer Persevering in the Modern World Transcript  
2013-08-11 2 John: Walk in Love Tim Ruohoniemi Persevering in the Modern World Transcript  
2013-08-04 Obadiah: The Kingdom will be His John Farmer Persevering in the Modern World Transcript  
2013-07-28 Pain in Disappointment Carl Baum Pain: Suffer Well Transcript  
2013-07-21 Pain in Waiting John Bullard Pain: Suffer Well Transcript  
2013-07-14 Pain in Grief Fred Custer Pain: Suffer Well Transcript  
2013-07-07 Pain in Physical Suffering Brian Bridgeman Pain: Suffer Well Transcript  
2013-06-30 Pointing to Christ in Living and Dying (2 Kings 13:14-21) Carl Baum Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-06-23 Leading in Difficult Times (2 Kings 6:24-8:15) Fred Custer Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-06-16 Helping Others to See (2 Kings 6:8-23) Carl Baum Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-06-09 Bringing Up the Next Generation (2 Kings 5:20-6:7) John Farmer Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-06-02 Being Used by God to Heal (2 Kings 5:1-19) Carl Baum Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-05-26 Sharing the Bread that Saves (2 Kings 4:38-44) John Bullard Elisha: Fully Devoted   
2013-05-19 Receiving Help and Being God's Vessel (2 Kings 4:8-37) Carl Baum Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-05-12 Responding to Needs (2 Kings 4:1-7) Tim Ruohoniemi Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-05-05 Delivering God's Message (2 Kings 3:1-26) Brian Bridgeman Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-04-28 Speaking Judgment (2 Kings 2:23-25) Carl Baum Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-04-21 Taking Up the Mantle (2 Kings 2:12-22) John Farmer Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-04-14 Becoming a Disciple (1 Kings 19:1-21) Carl Baum Elisha: Fully Devoted Transcript  
2013-04-07 Gentle Restoration (John 21:1-25) Carl Baum John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-03-31 (Easter) Everything Changes (John 20:1-31) John Farmer John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-03-24 The Worst Day (John 19:17-42) Tim Ruohoniemi John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-03-17 Trials (John 18:28-19:16) Fred Custer John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-03-10 Affirmations and Denials (John 18:1-27) Carl Baum John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-03-03 Sanctification (John 17:1-26) John Farmer John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-02-24 Grief and Joy (John 16:17-33) John Bullard John: Everything Changes   
2013-02-17 Testifying in Persecution (John 15:18-16:16) Tim Ruohoniemi John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-02-10 The True Vine (John 15:1-17) Carl Baum John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-02-03 The Way (John 14:1-31) Carl Baum John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-01-27 Betrayal and Denial (John 13:18-38) Brian Bridgeman John: Everything Changes   
2013-01-20 The Full Extent of His Love (John 12:37-13:17) John Farmer John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-01-13 Father, Glorify Your Name! (John 12:12-12:36) Carl Baum John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2013-01-06 Extravagant Perfume (John 11:45-12:11) Carl Baum John: Everything Changes Transcript  
2012-12-30 Beginnings John Bullard Messiah   
2012-12-23 The Messiah Comes John Farmer Messiah Transcript  
2012-12-16 Promises of a Messiah Brian Bridgeman Messiah Transcript  
2012-12-09 Incarnational Ministry Timmy Powers (Invited Speaker)   
2012-12-02 Poured Out and Devoted (Titus 3) Carl Baum Titus: Building a People of God Transcript  
2012-11-25 Waiting Expectantly (Titus 2) Fred Custer Titus: Building a People of God Transcript  
2012-11-18 In Accord (Titus 2) Carl Baum Titus: Building a People of God Transcript  
2012-11-11 Testimony (Titus 1) John Farmer Titus: Building a People of God Transcript  
2012-11-04 Entrusted (Titus 1) Carl Baum Titus: Building a People of God Transcript  
2012-10-28 You Know My Folly (Psalm 69) Brian Bridgeman Sharing Time   
2012-10-21 "Take away the stone" (John 11) Carl Baum What did He say?! Transcript  
2012-10-14 "I am the Gate" (John 10) John Farmer What did He say?! Transcript  
2012-10-07 "I am the Light." (John 9) Carl Baum What did He say?! Transcript  
2012-09-30 Deep Calls to Deep (Psalm 42) John Bullard Sharing Time   
2012-09-23 "You belong to your father, the devil." (John 8) John Farmer What did He say?! Transcript  
2012-09-16 "Come to Me and drink." (John 7) Carl Baum What did He say?! Transcript  
2012-09-09 "The one who feeds on Me will live." (John 6) Carl Baum What did He say?! Transcript  
2012-09-02 "It is I; don't be afraid." (John 6) Carl Baum What did He say?! Transcript  
2012-08-26 "You do not have the love of God." (John 5) Carl Baum What did He say?! Transcript  
2012-08-19 Seed Throwers (Gal. 6) John Farmer Law and Grace Transcript  
2012-08-12 Unyoked (Gal. 5) Brian Bridgeman Law and Grace Transcript  
2012-08-05 Heirs of the Estate (Gal. 4) John Farmer Law and Grace Transcript  
2012-07-29 Out of the Slimy Pit (Ps. 40) Carl Baum Sharing Time Transcript  
2012-07-22 Unsupervised (Gal. 3) Fred Custer Law and Grace Transcript  
2012-07-15 Dead Men (Gal. 2) Brian Bridgeman Law and Grace Transcript  
2012-07-08 AWOL (Gal. 1) John Farmer Law and Grace Transcript  
2012-07-01 Rehearsal and Ratification (Deut.) Carl Baum Law and Grace Transcript  
2012-06-24 I am Bowed Down (Ps. 38) John Farmer Sharing Time Transcript  
2012-06-17 Failure and Preparation (Num.) Carl Baum Law and Grace Transcript  
2012-06-10 Sacrifice and Sanctification (Lev.) Carl Baum Law and Grace Transcript  
2012-06-03 Redemption and the Tabernacle (Ex.) Carl Baum Law and Grace Transcript  
2012-05-27 We Wait in Hope (Ps. 33) John Bullard Sharing Time   
2012-05-20 He Heals (John 4:43-5:15) John Farmer Who is this Man? Transcript  
2012-05-13 He Fills our Thirst (John 4:1-42) Carl Baum Who is this Man? Transcript  
2012-05-06 He Brings New Life (John 3:1-36) Carl Baum Who is this Man? Transcript  
2012-04-29 That My Heart May Sing (Ps. 30) Brian Bridgeman Sharing Time Transcript  
2012-04-22 He Cleanses (John 2:12-25) Fred Custer Who is this Man? Transcript  
2012-04-15 He Reveals (John 1:35-2:11) Carl Baum Who is this Man? Transcript  
2012-04-08 The Mystery of the Resurrection John Farmer Broken and Made Whole Transcript  
2012-04-01 The Power of the Cross Carl Baum Broken and Made Whole Transcript  
2012-03-25 The Greatest Rescue Carl Baum Broken and Made Whole Transcript  
2012-03-18 Love, Actually John Farmer Relationships Transcript  
2012-03-11 Love in Dating (and Waiting) John Farmer Relationships Transcript  
2012-03-04 Love in Friendship Carl Baum Relationships Transcript  
2012-02-26 Love and God (Ps. 25) Carl Baum Sharing Time Transcript  
2012-02-19 Love in Family Carl Baum Relationships Transcript  
2012-02-12 Love in Marriage Brian Bridgeman Relationships Transcript  
2012-02-05 Love, Simply Carl Baum Relationships Transcript  
2012-01-29 My Portion and My Cup (Ps. 16) John Farmer Sharing Time Transcript  
2012-01-22 Logos.Son Carl Baum Logos: John 1 Transcript  
2012-01-15 Logos.Man Carl Baum Logos: John 1 Transcript  
2012-01-08 Logos.God Carl Baum Logos: John 1 Transcript  
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