College Ministry

College is a time of life where many people for the first time really explore who they are, what they really believe, and who they want to become. For the Christian, college is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become truly rooted in your own faith (not your parents' faith), to develop lifelong friendships with people who spur you on to follow Christ and love Him more and more, and to become a person of faith who influences their friends, coworkers, and future families for Christ.
Learning to truly live for Christ is "caught" as much or more than it is "taught," and for many people, college is the one time in their lives where there is time and flexibility to really grow and become discipled by those who are more mature in the faith.
Clemson Community Church's college ministry is all about giving you opportunities to grow. From our Wednesday night Bible study, to outreach opportunities, to getting one-on-one time with our pastors and campus minister, to simply hanging out with friends who help you to grow, our college ministry is not about programs but about living LIFE together in Christ much like the early believers did as recorded in the book of Acts.
Here are some additional links for our college ministry - some of these are works in progress.