Kid Safe Links

Homework Help
Comm Arts
Social Studies
Other Fun Sites

Search Engines for Kids:

Kids Click Ask Jeeves
for Kids
Yahooligans AOL Kids Cyber Sleuth
Quintura Kids

A search engine designed by librarians

Ask Jeeves’ kid safe search engine

Yahoo’s kid safe search engine

AOL’s kid safe search engine

Internet search guide for students

A search engine using word clouds



A catalog of sites maintained by its users

Like google, but for kids, designed by teachers

Homework Help:

Time For Kids Homework Help Ask Dr. Math Fact Monster Kid Info Homework Center BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Help

Time Magazine’s homework assistance

Q&A service for students and math teachers

Pearson Education’s reference material

Website directory for homework assistance

List of homework databases

Discovery Education’s homework assistance

Homework Spot

Flashcard Exchange

A homework information portal for all subjects

Create and print your own flashcards

Communication Arts Sites:

Carnegie Library for Kids Spelling City Merriam-Webster Dictionary Mad Libs Junior Aesop’s Fables Giggle Poetry

Interactive story building games

Spelling list practice and games

Online dictionary and thesaurus

A fun way to practice parts of speech

Online collection of the famous fables

Funny poems written by and for students

Story Jumper Story Place Comic Creator Oxymorons Folklore, Myths and Legends Kerpoof

Children’s book creator

Children’s stories online for all grade levels

Short comic creator

An exhaustive list of oxymorons

A collection of stories from many nationalities

Lessons and games on writing and illustrating

Acrostic Poems

Write Me A Story

Acrostic poetry creator

Weekly writing challenges

Math Sites:

Create A Graph Tic Tac Toe
Math Baseball Cool Math 4 Kids Math Dictionary Math Cats

A user friendly, easy to use, online graph maker

Just like Tic-Tac-Toe but you have to answer math questions to get the square

Math problem game where you get a “hit” for correct answers

Games and puzzles of all sorts, even ones you didn’t know were math!

A one stop source for all terms mathematical

Math games with a cat theme


Math Car

Answer questions to create the stories and poems

Solve math problems to race your car and beat the computer

Science Sites:

The Science of Cooking Ask An Expert EuroTurtle Yucky Science Kid Astronomy How Stuff Works

Learn about how your favorite foods are made from a science point of view

A page of links to ask real scientists about their areas of specialty

Home page for the Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles

Explore the “nasty” part of science, everything from worms and roaches to farts and belching

Outer space and space exploration for kids, including a daily snapshot of the constellations

Answers to some of the craziest questions you could ever ask National Wildlife

Web Weather for Kids Animal Babies & Groups

Photos and details about every insect known to humanity

The National Wildlife Federation’s kid friendly exploration page

Games, stories, and information about all sorts of weather in kid friendly language

Information pages about many kinds of animals, including print and color pages

Social Studies Sites:

White House
for Kids
US Government
for Kids
Place Spotting Lewis & Clark Stately Knowledge Show-Me Missouri

The history of the White House and the people and pets that have lived there

Fun facts and information about the US government, buildings, and documents

Look at images of real places from Google maps and guess where they are in the quiz

An interactive website that takes visitors on the journey of the famous explorers

Tons of facts and information about all the states in the nation

The official website of the Missouri State government

The US Mint
for Kids
World Paper Money

Castles on the Web All About the Oregon Trail

Learn about how money is made and who decides what it will look like

Learn about money from around the world

A collection of castle related information, including photos and a glossary

An intensive look at the hardships and lifestyle of the Oregon Trail

Other Fun Sites:

Sandlot Optical Illusions Simple Diagrams BrainPop Gamequarium Game Goo Crayola

Explore optical illusions and trick your mind

A stick figure, chalkboard looking website that lets you make pictures for presentations

Games and quizzes for upper elementary to middle school aged kids

Videos, books, games, and more for grades K - 6

Fun games and puzzles to play that make learning fun

Official website of the Crayola company, with coloring pages and games

Creating Music

Dance Mat

A place to play with music, make your own tunes, and play music games

Four levels of typing practice and games to make typing easy and fun