The Boston Clemente Course in the Humanities is based in Dorchester, hosted by Dotwell in collaboration with MassHumanities. A brief description of the course, as well as interviews with recent graduates can be found here.
Students in class

If you are wondering what the Humanities are, our American History professor says, the humanities are "the study of what it means to be human so that we can all learn how to be more humane.” My thoughts on the value of the humanities (I'm the art history professor and academic director) can be found in testimony I gave to a Commission on the Humanities.
Members of the Clemente Class of 2012 with faculty

For interested students, please contact Michelle Rue at Dotwell (617) 740-2531. Applications are collected year round, interviews are conducted at the end of the summer and and class runs from October through the beginning of June.

This site contains the major handouts for the course, including the syllabus and writing assignments for each content section.
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