Clément de Chaisemartin

Professor, Economics department, Sciences Po

Faculty Research Fellow NBER, J-Pal affiliate


clement.dechaisemartin(at)sciencespo(dot)fr, follow me on Twitter

Research interests: econometrics, economics of education.

News: check out this video of the talk I gave in DID reading group organized by Taylor Wright: begins with a broad intro to recent literature on TWFE and DID with heterogeneous effects, then we delve into our recent paper on TWFE with several treatments, and finally Jimena Rico Straffon gives live Stata demo of how our did_multiplegt command can be used to disentangle effects of several treatments.

Working papers:

Published papers:

Work in progress:

  • The long-run effects of a boarding school for disadvantaged students (with Marc Gurgand and Luc Behaghel).

  • Baby Talk? The effects of a language acquisition intervention in nurseries on staff' practices and on children development (with Quentin Daviot, Marc Gurgand, Sophie Kern, and Florent de Bodman).

Older papers (I am no longer working on those papers, but I hope you still enjoy reading them):


  • Lecture notes for the PhD-level econometrics courses I taught from 2016 to 2021 at UCSB.

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