Q:  Do you only take cleats?

A:    No, we accept any type of running/basketball/gym shoes, as well as, cleats.  Gym shoes will benefit children participating in the Jr. Jazz programs throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

Q: The shoes I want to donate are really worn, do you still want them?

A:    We will accept any shoe or cleat unless they have holes in them.

Q: Do you take shoes without shoelaces?

A:    Absolutely!  New shoelaces often make the shoe or cleat look as good as new!

Q: My shoes are dirty and I don't have time to clean them up, can I still donate them?

A:    Unless it's obvious that the shoes have already been washed, we wash the majority of the shoes and cleats we receive.  We want the child that receives their  "new" pair of shoes to feel awesome when they put them on for the first time!  Everyone knows "new" shoes make a child run faster! ;)

Q:  When can I donate shoes and cleats?

A:  Anytime!  We will take any type of shoe or cleat anytime of the year.  Regardless of the type of shoes, we wash them and get them prepared for the upcoming season.  

Q:  When do you deliver the shoes?

A:  We make deliveries to our receiving organizations prior to the specific sport season starting.  For example,  any soccer or baseball cleats we receive in the winter  we will store until soccer and baseball registration begins in the spring.

Q:   Are donations tax deductible?
A:   Yes!  Cleats for Feet is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization recognized by the IRS. All donations are tax deductible.