Saturday Painting Class

Saturday Morning Chinese Painting Class: 9 am to 11:00 am.

This Saturday morning class teaches traditional Chinese Painting techniques using water colors and/or acrylics used as water colors and Chinese Ink. 
Paint and Ink provided, along with practice paper. Brushes provided for in class use. 

This is a 2  hour class (9-11 am) consisting of instruction and practice. Students will learn the basic techniques and philosophy 
behind Chinese painting as a form of abstract art. Students will practice the basic forms of bamboo, rocks, trees and leaves, insects, birds, 
animals, etc., all components of Chinese landscape art. Students will also learn how to write some basic characters with the brush and may practice their calligraphy.

Students will also learn to draw from models of animals and living plants, figurines, still life, etc. This is a structured course in
 learning to draw with the brush and paint according to traditional Chinese methods. 

The fee is $100 per student. Parents are welcome to take the class too!

Students are expected to concentrate and not bother others and use proper Chinese brush techniques as instructed. After learning
 the techniques and styles, students can paint various subjects that they chose on their own.

This is a great opportunity to learn new techniques and also to explore on your own in a quiet contemplative atmosphere, so you can learn more.

Why learn Chinese Brush Painting? Chinese Brush painting expresses inner peace and tranquility and helps to develop an abstract aesthetic appreciation. 
Chinese painting and character writing go hand-in-hand, complement each other, increasing motivation for learning both, to be a scholarly and poetic person.
Like many Chinese arts, it provides a better foundation for other forms of painting or graphic art, including modern art. Many famous European impressionist painters
 of the 19th century were influenced by Chinese and Japanese Brush painting, attracted as they were to abstraction and reducing elements to what is essential.
Learning these traditional techniques helps to understand the history of art, including modern Chinese art. Thus, learning traditional Chinese brush painting lays a solid
 foundation for understanding abstract art, which many consider the highest form of art. Learning the principles of abstraction can improve any form of art you are doing.

Register at first meeting or subsequent meetings. First Class on Saturday January 12th, 2013

Taught by Li Si Tang (Tom Lacey)  See Tom's art gallery  here: