Beginning Chinese Class

Ni hao! Being a parent of a Chinese child can be very rewarding. It is also a great experience to learn Chinese yourself also! I, Tom, took the class five or six times myself -- it was so much fun and I helped out in each class!  So now we have a new Chinese class for pure beginners on Wednesday nights from 7 to 9 pm. This class is ideal for parents wanting to learn!

Now this is also on our Chinese Community Night, so if you want to bring your spouse or children you are welcome and they can do other activities, such as watch a Chinese movie or paint or play chess while you are in class.

This Chinese class is taught by Mr Ping Tan...pictured below in his regular class.

The reason why this class is better for parent's is that it is at the beginning level, for very beginners and also there are other activities going on if you want to bring your wife or child. Since your child is in the Sunday afternoon regular class, it would be inconvenient for parents to come to Sunday morning Adult Class and then go home and bring the child back to the Children's class on Sunday afternoon. So far we do not have any parents in the Sunday morning adult class. So we have designed this Wednesday evening class to be more convenient for you the parent who may want to learn Chinese.

Learning Chinese is a lot of fun! Tom is orgainizing this class for you so you can always call him with questions at 727-544-5748. Tom will also be there every Wednesday night to organize the activities.

Mr Ping Tan is fluent in four languages, his native Cambodian, Vietnamese, English, and Mandarin. 
He was an English teacher in Cambodia. He loves to teach and would be very happy to have you as a student!