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If you are just learning Chinese or thinking about it, learning Chinese Chess is a good way to start to learn the characters and get to know Chinese people.  Tom will also teach the basics of how to read Chinese Chess books.



Chinese Chess Programs are available on the Internet. But the best way to learn is from a person and the best way to have fun is to play other people. Pictured here in 2001 is Eric Spurgeon and Ray Robson. They both loved to play Chinese Chess. Eric went on study Chinese in the University and is now fluent and uses it on his job in engineering. He still plays and it is a great way to get to know Chinese people who almost always know how to play (higher playing rate than in the US). Ray also liked to play International Chess and went on to become the youngest Grand Master for the US with a FIDE rating of 2570. He still plays an excellent game of Chinese Chess as well.


Links to Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess)


香港象棋總會 (Hong Kong Chess Federation)


XiangQi - XieXie

World Xiangqi Federation


Asian Xiangqi Federation


Chinese Chess (Xiang Qi): How To Play Chinese Chess


Chinese Chess is often played on the street in China or in Chinatowns in Big Cities in the US and Canada. (see picture below).


Chinese Chess


Chess on the street in China.


 See this page about our recent school chess contest. Chinese Chess Contest #1

 Victor and Henry square off in 2010.