Children's Art Class

Children's Art Class

Parent Volunteer helps with art class.

Still Life artists.

This Semester we will have a more formal class covering the following topics.

1. Choosing the right brush and how to hold it properly. How to wet the brush and use Chinese ink. 

2. Basic strokes for Chinese characters and painting. Wet and dry brush techniques.

3. Use of color in Chinese painting. Watercolor techniques. 

4. Using different papers and other mediums. Absorption differences and brush techniques.

5. Basic elements of Chinese painting, e.g., bamboo, rocks, birds, insects, trees, water, flowers, fish, horse, small animals etc.

6.Chinese landscape composition.

7. Balance of light and dark areas, yin and yang. The significance of the paper diagonal.

8. Abstraction techniques. Less is more. Why Chinese painting is considered abstract art.

9. Using Chinese techniques in expressionist painting. Line as Color. Color as Line.

10. How to draw faces and figures.

Mr. Tom demonstrates the art of Chinese Brush Painting.

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