Trash Hauler Reduction and Discount

Our neighborhood roads are slowly cracking, but there's a way we can help out with this situation 
and receive a discount!
Econo-Haul is now offering a discounted price of $18.00/month if 50% or more of Clearview Ridge residents use their trash service.  That is $5 off the regular monthly price for once-a-week trash pick up.  And, this is an easy way minimize the road destruction and to save a little money. 
We currently have five or more company trucks are slowly destroying our streets.  Let's try to move towards using one trash hauler.  Econo-Haul picks up trash and recycling on the same day which means even less trucks.
Please take a look the notice of the Econo-Haul trash hauling price and how to sign up  that was posted to homes this week.  It is also available to view below.  Many residents are already using Econo-Haul, and are very satisfied. This discount offer is hard to find too!
Savings Reports:
- A Benham resident has calculated that they can save $308.40 per year by taking advantage of Econo-Haul's discount.  What a savings!  Thanks for sharing this.
- A Roseman resident has found that they can have cut their trash hauling costs by 50% - from approximately $100/per quarter to $50/per quarter.
Q & A:
Q: Can I pay ahead one year with this discount?
A: Yes, you can pay ahead one year and receive an additional 5% discount.  (This is a discount in addition to the discount noted above.)  The pay-ahead discount only applies to a 1-year pay-ahead term.
Q: Is the price guaranteed for a year?
A: Yes, the price is guaranteed for a year.
Q: How do I know if I change over to the new price?
A: As soon as we make it to 50% or more home (39 homes to be exact), everyone's price for Econo-Haul service will be reduced on their bill.  We'll be sure to make an announcement also.
Q: Will existing customers receive this discount?
A: Yes.
Q: Is recycling consolidated in to one bin?
A: Yes, their recycling is also consolidated in to one bin.
Q: What about the bins we already have?
A: If they are bins from another hauler, that hauler should take them back after cancellation.  If you use your own bins today, those can be used with Econo-Haul.  Econo-Haul will also provide bins to you for free if needed.
Q: Are there current residents using Econo-Haul?  Are they happy with the service?
A: Yes and yes.  We have many residents using Econo-Haul today, and they seem to be very happy with the service.  Econo-Haul is easy to reach by phone, they have online (no-fee) payment and handle special trash situations very easily.
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