How to Get Clear Skin in 1 Week

Most people have a phase of their life when their skin doesn't look its best. Not everybody can afford a dermatologist, and commercial products may take too long to soften your skin. If you want clear skin cheaply in one week, then keep reading. These tips may not help everyone, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't help you. There are plenty of other solutions.

Run a wash cloth under hot water and immediately press it onto your face.The water and steam will really help clean the dirt from your pores. This also opens your pores, making it easier to clean them. Be careful that the water is not too hot when doing this.

Wash your hands well with an antibacterial soap. You can't wash your face effectively with dirty hands. You're merely putting all the germs on your hands onto your face. If you have a cleanser (or just some good antibacterial soap), wash your face after you remove the cloth. This time, apply the cleanser without wetting your face first. Make a tiny "puddle" in your hands, squirt the cleanser in the puddle, put your hands together and wash your face. Don't rinse your face in cold water afterwards, just rinse in warm water and pat dry, but not completely dry. This is your cleansing part. If you don't have cleanser, then just use plain water. .

Get 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of water. Stir so it's like a thin paste, and add one more tablespoon of sugar. Stir again and drain out some of the water. Then get your hands wet and then rub them on your face so you have a little bit of water on your face. Then scoop up the sugar and water and put it on one of your cheeks. Scoop again and put it on the same cheek. Then rub the sugar in circular motions on your cheek for 60 seconds. Then rinse off and repeat for the other cheek and forehead. This is your exfoliator.

Get about ten drops of lemon juice on your hands after you wash your face.Smear on your face for ten seconds, but be careful. Lemon juice is strong and if it burns only keep it on for three seconds. It breaks down the dirt in your pores that the cleanser missed. This is your "toner".

Splash cold water on your face or rub an ice cube on your face. The reason this is last is because if you weren't following the directions earlier and splashed cold water on your face, your pores will have closed. The water is like a key to your pores; hot water unlocks, cold water locks. Doing all of these steps with open pores will get almost all of the dirt and bacteria out, thus keeping your skin clear. Doing this everyday for a week will bring you happy, healthy, pretty skin!

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