Honda Radio Codes

Once a Honda radio loses power (leave your lights on, change your battery), it will require a 5 digit Honda radio code to let it work again. This is a great anti-theft device but a real pain for honest Honda owners. You have 3 options:

Option 1: Pay Someone

Since your are reading this, you probably don’t want this option. A dealer will take your radio out, get the radio’s 8-digit serial number, call Honda, and they will, from the 8-digit radio serial number, get the 5-digit radio code. This cost anywhere from $40 to $150 dollars. What is really sad it that they probably did not need to take the radio out (see option 3).

Option 2: Find the Code

Usually the radio’s 8 digit serial number and 5-digit code (the code usually starts with an “M”) are on a white sticker somewhere on the vehicle. The sticker can be found

  • Inside top of glove box
  • Inside left side of the glove box
  • In the trunk along the gasket or underneath where the speakers are
  • Under the fuse-box panel lid beside the battery
  • Under the ashtray
  • Under the center consoles lid
  • Under the hood at the top right hand corner

If you found the sticker, you are done (but you might need to read the section Your Radio is Blocked... below

Option 3: The Secret 1/6 buttons

If you did not find the white sticker, then there is still hope (the wording ' hope' is used because this does not work for all Honda radios). Get the serial number from the radio by holding the 1 and 6 buttons while turning on the radio. The fist 4 digits of the serial number will be proceeded with a “U” (U for upper) and the second 4 digits will be proceeded with a “L” (L for lower). Then call Honda at 800.999.1009, press option 5, give them your VIN, name, approximate mileage, and this serial number and they should be able to give you the 5-digit radio code.   Note that your salesperson at your local Honda dealer should be able to get the radio code from the radio serial number as well.

So Your Radio is Blocked...

So you tried 10 times to enter the a code and now the radio will not accept any codes. Its “blocked”.  You must unblock it enter the code.    To unblock you have 2 choices: (1) unhook the battery, OR (2) run the radio on for an hour (no sound will come out).  Either one will unblock it so you can try the codes again.