Class Testimonials

I highly recommend taking the SRT Basic and Advanced classes with Jane Bissler. She is an amazing teacher who truly cares about her students and is passionate about the modality. Jane takes her time to ensure students have a thourough understanding of the material and does an excellent job explaining the concepts in a way that the class can relate to. I can't imagine taking these classes without Jane as the instructor. Julie A.

Jane is an effective, charismatic, dynamic teacher who can make SRT easy to understand! Her humor and good nature are contagious and make her classes fun. She is able to create a nurturing, energized environment which aids each student in connecting with High Self and each other. I highly recommend her classes! Felicia

I went to hear Jane speak about SRT at a metaphysical group gathering. It was fascinating, she is such a great speaker and I was interested on that level where you know you are hearing truth.It resonated in that way with me, I got really excited. I went about 6 weeks later and had a complete clearing,which I highly recommend to everyone,I loved it!! The focus and clarity I got after the clearing made me realize that this was something I wanted to learn about, I started researching classes and books...then Jane told me she taught a pendulum class. I signed up for that, loved it, and went and took pendulum 2 also. Both classes were really helpful in learning how to work with a pendulum and connecting with my High Self,I met some great people and really enjoyed myself.

I signed up for the first SRT class because I felt like this was something I could use everyday, I could incorporate it into a daily practice, which has proven to be true. There were six of us in the class; the pod , and it was fantastic!!! Jane is an amazing teacher, very patient, very knowledgeable, lots of humor and sharing...and lots of information! Plenty of time for questions,( I had about a million), lots of practice time. Jane guided us through with the skill of the natural born teacher. I knew before the class was over that I was going to come and take the advanced class, and part of the reason was so I could spend 4 more days with Jane and the pod!! She is a very intuitive teacher, she keeps her finger on the "pulse" of the class, and with the hand in hand guidance of her High Self knows when everyone is ready to move on, knows when there are questions or concerns. In the days and weeks after the first class I practiced clearing programs everyday, any questions that came up were promptly answered on the podling board we set up on facebook (private board) a great resource for all of us,and we are looking forward to adding new students to our group!

The SRT advanced class was just as fantastic as the first, even more so because we had a better grasp on everything. Plenty of practice, lots of answered questions, lots of laughter and love :). I forged a bond with my classmates that I feel is lifelong. We are going to have monthly meetings to continue to grow together and we are excited to be the founding members of what we hope will be a growing community of SRT practitioners.

I just cannot say enough good things about Jane's leadership and teaching abilities, I am forever grateful to her and her high self for teaching me SRT.I am still clearing everyday, and I feel like I am growing daily, and I really feel like I will use this the rest of my life. I highly recommend all of the classes! We are so lucky to have such a valuable resource and I look forward to many years of learning from her and with her! Linda H.