Spirit is here to help you. Working with Spirit can help you examine and improve various aspects of your life.

We work from a set of protocols (specific questions asked in a specific order to discover the root(s) of a particular issue) to address issues of:

  • Weight
  • Wealth
  • Learning
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Spirituality and Connection
  • Home and Work Environment
  • Developing and Deepening Your Healing Gifts

How it works:

Through Spiritual Response Therapy, our High Self Committees identify and clear blocks and interferences through protocols specifically designed to work through these issues. Sometimes High Self is able to clear these blocks and interferences immediately and sometimes High Self brings them to your attention for education and action. For example, High Self may instruct you to use alternate methods such as affirmations, prayer and/or meditation to move you into a healthier, more balanced and successful state.

The protocols that we use are:

  • Attaining and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight
  • Having the Prosperity and Success You Want and Deserve
  • Having the Loving Relationship You Want and Deserve
  • Loving to Learn
  • Healing the Inner Healer
  • Aligning all Vows, Contracts and Agreements for Your Highest and Best Good
  • Clearing for House and Property
  • Clearing for Business Success
  • Healing the Desire to Suffer
    • Do you find yourself making the same kind of unhelpful decisions repeatedly? Do you do things that you know you should not? The Desire to Suffer protocol is designed to help you examine and free yourself of these patterns. This protocol is significantly longer as it addresses deep issues and may be up to 4 hours in length.This can be divided into two or more sessions.

You may experience these protocols first hand via face to face appointments, over the phone or you can schedule a session in which you do not need to be present -- as we know, there is no time or space in Spirit. The session will be recorded and sent to you via email.

The amount of time for each protocol varies. The protocols have set questions but what will vary is number of personal blocks and interferences that need to be cleared for you. You will be advised of the cost when the appointment time and date are confirmed. Sessions typically run from 60 - 120 minutes and are approximately $85 to $175.