A Highly Evolved Healing Modality!

Post date: Jan 22, 2011 4:19:11 PM

I recently ( January 2011) was fortunate enough to be able to experience SRT and the results were not only fairly immediate, but continue to work through me. I found the whole experience to be very healthy, certainly very clearing, and consider SRT to be a highly evolved healing modality. Like many forms of complementary health and healing, the impact and outcomes are often tied to the skill of the practitioner. Jane Bissler is extraordinary. She is highly atuned, very present and focused, and has the abiilty to interpret complicated information and make it very understandable - now that is a highly developed skill. I would suggest that the SRT experience will be one of those memoriable lifetime experiences - a point in time when "dots" got connected and change became possible.

Roberta Sikula, Registered Polarity Practioner (RPP)

Associate Vice President for Information Services, Retired