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Look to our Worcester, Massachusetts, professionals for vision improvement that doesn't require glasses. Clearsight Publishing Co. - Do It Yourself - Natural Eyesight Improvement makes it our goal to help people in need of clear vision reach their goal without the use of eyeglasses. Our 'Do It Yourself' E-Books provide all the information you need to give yourself 20/20 and clearer close and distant vision without wearing glasses! 
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For 5 years, our vision improvement experts have been offering men and women of all ages free, Natural Eyesight Improvement videos and affordable e-books via the Internet. Our videos and e-books contain 100-year-old Treatments, Activities and Secrets for everything you need to know about naturally clear eyesight. Contact us now for all-natural vision improvement you have to "see" to believe.

General Benefits from Our E-Books:
 • Clear Day and Night Vision at all Distances, Close and Far
 • Improved Color, Depth Perception & Tolerance to Sunlight
 • Natural 3-D Vision Improvement
 • Heightened Vision beyond 20/20
   Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines are included in the E-Book.

How It Works
Whether you work on a computer or perform other tasks requiring clear vision, you can benefit from our videos and e-books.
You'll learn how to imitate the natural, normal function of the eyes for vision improvement. With practice, your eyes will return to correct function to maintain clear vision. The techniques our e-books and videos provide can be practiced at close and far distances, day and night.

Natural Eyesight Improvement was discovered by:
                Ophthalmologist William H. Bates

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Watching fish swim helps to get the eyes moving and relaxed:
'Shifting' a Natural Eyesight Improvement practice for clear vision.
Fish move in a variety of directions, no set pattern, similiar to the eyes.


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