Membership is

What are the benefits of membership?

Members are given rights to edit this website.
Members can post their own papers on this website, for peer review.
Members can provide peer review to papers posted by other members.

Who can be a member?

Those applicants who are both willing and able to contribute to the site will be admitted as members.
No particular professional experience or employment is required, members can be hobbyists, professionals, young or old, male or female - in fact any person interested in and capable of contributing to the site is welcome.
Members can contribute as website collaborators only if they have a GMail account (sign up for one here).  This is necessary because the website currently resides on a Google web server.  It is acceptable to be a contributing member who does not edit the website - however members in that capacity will need to submit their input to the webmaster, who will publish it to the website at his opportunity and discretion.

How does one apply for membership?

Apply by sending an e-mail to the webmaster.  Candidates are required to submit an article/paper of their own writing, suitable for publication on this website, together with the application.  The article/paper will be reviewed to qualify or disqualify the applicant.  The subject of the article/paper must relate to some aspect of fire, accident or personal injury analysis, lawsuit strategy, testimony, evidence management or similar character of the genre.  Papers must be at least 450 words and illustrations and pictures are encouraged.  Citations cannot account for more than 50 of the 450 word minimum.  There is no specified maximum length.  Papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.  

The applicant, by submitting a paper, 
  • authorizes publishing of it on (author credit will be given).
  • swears the paper to be an original work of the candidate and to contain no plagiarism (cited material is acceptable).
The candidate must declare any registered copyright of the paper or any part thereof (for noting on publishing). 

The membership application is to be sent to and the subject is to be "Membership application".
No body text is required, however if the mail is not sent from a GMAIL account please give your Gmail address in the body of the report.
Also remember to attach your paper for review.