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How To Clean Cd Rom Lens

how to clean cd rom lens
    how to
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    cd rom
  • A compact disc used as a read-only optical memory device for a computer system
  • a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system); a large amount of digital information can be stored and accessed but it cannot be altered by the user
  • CD-ROM (, an acronym of "compact disc read-only memory") is a pre-pressed compact disc that contains data accessible to, but not writable by, a computer for data storage and music playback, the 1985 “Yellow Book” standard developed by Sony and Philips adapted the format to hold any
  • A disk for storing computer information. It looks like an audio CD.
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how to clean cd rom lens - My Horse
My Horse Farm
My Horse Farm
Welcome to Trotterville! Your very own horse farm is just down the road. Take good care of your horses and build your business as you breed champions. Outfit your riders, from head to toe, by choosing from an array of clothes, accessories and hairstyles! Spend your money wisely, make good decisions, and train your horses to become world-class champions. Do you have what it takes to become rich and famous? Have tons of fun as you care for horses and manage your farm. First you must befriend your horse and earn her trust. Not only will you ride her, but pet, feed, groom, and attend to her every need. Take your horse to the blacksmith or veterinarian and keep her in tip-top shape. Later on she'll be able to compete in cross country events and tournaments. Experience what's it's like to own and run your very own horse farm. It's up to you how you use your time and money. Gallop on the road to fame and fortune. The Winner's Circle awaits!

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CD-ROM cover
CD-ROM  cover
I designed an informative CD_ROM with a list of all the successful Iranian women from different backgrounds and with various qualifications who have had made a contribution to their society in the fields of art, science, politics, literature etc. Some of the women mentioned are Shirin Ebadi, Simin Behbahani, Parvin Etesami.
CD-ROM Z-axis closeup
CD-ROM Z-axis closeup
The Z-axis for my DIY tabletop CNC machine harvested from the lens carriage mechanism of an old CD-ROM

how to clean cd rom lens
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