Clean  opinion  is  deliberated  for  realism  which  is  neither positive nor negative its a freedom always present an approach for splendid resolution,  realism  is  the  source  of  worth  creation  to  establish  the most valuable way out of any status or else its an instrument to eradicate  every  hurdle,  provides  powerful solution for evolution without realism there is no significance of positivism or negativism if it is being  with  sincerity (Good Values, Improvements, Humanism, Love Towards "Family, People, Nature, Environment Protection, Country, World,  Etc.)  subsequently  deliver  the  spring  of  liberty,  the  smallest  to largest developments are the result of clear opinion just see inside,  around  or  anywhere  and  find  the  substance  of  realism.


"Realism is neither positive
 nor negative its a freedom
 always presents an effort
 for splendid resolution"


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