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Jeffrey suffers from a debilitating case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. He hates confined spaces, he doesn’t like to be in large groups of people, he washes his hands every few minutes, he avoids modern forms of transportation. His condition hinders him every moment of his life and because of it there is no job on earth that Jeffrey can do. Except one: He kills people.

Doctor Wong has trained Jeffrey for years and has been able to unlock the hidden benefits of Jeffrey’s condition. Because of the attention to detail that Jeffrey must have to survive within his obsessive mind, he is also able to calculate every possible risk and how to circumvent it. Also, his obsession over cleanliness means he will never leave a trace of himself behind. Doctor Wong has turned Jeffrey into the perfect killer.

The catch is that, as Jeffrey’s abilities grow, his mental capacity for the job begins to wane. He begins to question his own justifications for killing as he realizes he knows little to nothing about what his targets have done to deserve being in his sights. Doctor Wong senses Jeffrey’s uncertainty, but sends him on a final mission, to kill a rival Mafia boss: Robert Kane. It is on this mission where Jeffrey’s condition for the first time causes him to fail. This leads to a threat upon Jeffrey’s own life and Jeffrey’s line of communication to Doctor Wong being cut-off.

For the first time, Jeffrey must survive on his own and without the guidance of the man who trained him. As the killers get increasingly close to Jeffrey it becomes harder and harder for him to maintain the illusion of control over his life and he must begin to face the realization that maybe he was never in control at all.