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Pool In Floor Cleaning

pool in floor cleaning
    floor cleaning
  • Floor cleaning is a major occupation throughout the world. The main job of most cleaners is to clean floors.
  • join or form a pool of people
  • an excavation that is (usually) filled with water
  • Share (things) for the benefit of all those involved
  • (of two or more people or organizations) Put (money or other assets) into a common fund
  • combine into a common fund; "We pooled resources"
pool in floor cleaning - iRobot Verro
iRobot Verro 500 PowerScrub Pool-Cleaning Robot for In-Ground Pools
iRobot Verro 500 PowerScrub Pool-Cleaning Robot for In-Ground Pools
Designed for in-ground pools up to 20 by 50 feet, this easy-to-use pool-cleaning robot offers a hands-free way to clean at just the touch of a button. It systematically covers the entire pool in about three hours, vacuum cleaning from floor to waterline and everywhere in between. Sturdy PVA roller brushes "power scrub" all pool surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass, and tile. The unit cleans over 70 gallons of water per minute, and its filtration system picks up leaves, hair, dirt, dust, algae, and particles as small as two microns, reducing the run time of the pool's primary filtration system. The machine also circulates pool water, improving the distribution of chemicals and water temperatures. Best of all, there's no need for bulky hoses, booster pumps, suction lines, or installation. Simply plug the robot in, drop it in the pool, and let it go. Other highlights include an auto-reverse function to prevent hang-ups, a 60-foot floating power cord with a swivel cord detangler, and a durable ultra-lightweight design. The pool-cleaning robot measures 19 by 15-2/3 by 14-3/5 inches and carries a one-year warranty.

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~who's bringing the drinks? ~
~who's bringing the drinks? ~
pool boy came out yesterday ...... FINALLY.... & we assessed: 1. the gears that tell which pop-up jets (in-floor cleaning system) seem to be not doing their job. =( (100.00) 2. the leveler isnt working .....so it was almost ready to flow over the 3 rollbar edges along the left curved side, the back of the pool by the water fall and the side alongside the block wall......(( easy 10.00 solution from HD =) 3. the housing around the underwater pool lite seems to be breached...therefore the lite doesnt work..... (was 300.00 last time i had to replace...hopefully he wont charge me that due to it was him that installed it last time....)) 4. i needed to brush brush brush all the debris that isnt being moved correctly along the pool floor .....& leave the filter running for the next couple days at least ....(( ~ 8.00 / day = 32.00 in electricity)) 5. added 4 gal's liquid chlorine to kill the algae growing on the walls from the circulation being "OFF"...... ((20.00)) so......all in all ....coughing up = 162.00 - 462.00 depending on the cost of the pool lite issue.....is going to have to be more like monkeys flying out of my ass .....=)
3289:YIP~... guess who found the pool?
3289:YIP~... guess who found the pool?
PBU~ update after nite 4.... ms PB went, fell, jumped, slid ....((i dont know) into the pool ... at first i thought someone pee'd on the floor in a wiggly way......((drops everywhere)...& i was prepared to give a speech to any pup in the vicinity... then i saw the soaking wet pupper standing in front of me wagging her tail. gr8......now i have to find out if she likes to go into the pool on her own? or fell in while getting a drink? also ...... stu & i went to HD last nite to get supplies for the dog run ..... it was PB's first real test of me being gone for a length of time... no pee accidents..... but there were 5 lil plops of anxiety poo (( thank the gods again that i have stained cement floors thru-out the house....it makes for such an easy clean up)) she slept like a rock (literally a rock that likes to sprawl herself across me)) for the whole nite..... got us all up at 6 am ....but thats ok.....cause we all went back to bed til stu came over this am at 8:30 to do the dog run repairs.... all in all....still crazeee.....still FULL of pupper energy....but a really good girl =)

pool in floor cleaning
pool in floor cleaning
Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner
The Baracuda G3 from Zodiac cleaner will thoroughly clean your in ground pool floor and walls to automatically remove dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves, sand and even pebbles. Its bumper fin anti-stick design ensures that it will reach your entire pool because it navigates around steps, ladders, and corners ensuring maximum coverage and increased maneuverability. It is one of the most pool-owner-friendly cleaners ever made. The Long-Life Diaphragm is the only operational moving part, with no gears, wheels, or flappers it ensures quiet, simple operation and low-cost maintenance. If it should ever need service, its patented Quick Release Cassette has easy access to the diaphragm letting you remove it, replace it, or service it yourself poolside. The Baracuda G3 also has the Flowkeeper; a compact self-adjusting flow control valve that automatically regulates water flow, ensuring peak performance even with lower horsepower pumps. Plus, Flowkeeper offers pool surface skimming with a turn of a switch and cleans when your pump runs. The unit hooks up to your skimmer and is driven by your pump and filter system. It is pre-assembled, requiring no tools or special plumbing to install, operate or maintain. The Baracuda G3 includes 39-feet of hose and a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects and wear and tear.

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