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Jim Harding's Column

Jim Harding is a retired professor of justice studies at the University of Regina. He is a founding member of the Regina Group for a Non-Nuclear Society and was director of research for Prairie Justice Research at the University of Regina, where he headed up the Uranium Inquiries Project. Jim also acted as consultant to the NFB award-winning film Uranium. He is the author of Canada’s Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System.

Jim has a regular weekly column in R Town News
, papers that serve many towns in rural Saskatchewan.  R Town and Jim have kindly given permission for us to post his column on our website as well. In most cases, we have included a PDF version to download.  Please feel free to copy and distribute to others as long as you acknowledge the source.

October 28, 2011     Premier Wall Can't Have It Both Ways

October 14, 2011    How Does Saskatchewan "Grade" On Renewable Energy?

September 23, 2011   Should The NDP Apologize?

May 13, 2011  What Harper's Majority Means for our Sustainability 

January 28,  2011    ‘Free Market’Ideology: Sugar-coated But Not Viable

January 21, 2011    Why Heritage and Sustainability Go Hand In Hand

December 10, 2010  What the Assembly of First Nations Says About Nuclear Waste    PDF version

October 15, 2010   Saskatchewan Now Targeted For Nuclear Dump

October 8, 2010     “Grandfather” Of Organic Farming Dies

October 1, 2010    The North Deserves Better - part 2

September 24, 2010   The North Deserves Better - part 1

August 21, 2010   What's the Alternative to Nuclear Colonialism in the North?     PDF version
(Background paper prepared for "Keepers of the Water IV Gathering", Wollaston Lake, Aug. 21, 2010)

May 21, 2010  
Do We Want Saskatchewan to Become a Nuclear Waste Dump?   PDF

February 26, 2010   After a Decade of Shock and Awe    PDF Version

Februrary 12, 2010    Will Haiti Be Rebuilt Sustainably?   PDF Version

Sept. 18, 2009    Why Is Sask Party’s Uranium Development Partnership (UDP) Recommending We Become a Nuclear Waste Dump?    PDF version

July 28, 2009    Can We Learn From Nuclear Experiments Elsewhere?     PDF version

Jan. 30, 2009    Is nuclear energy clean?   PDF version

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