Whole Life Challenge RULES


You begin each day with 5 points, deducting them based on the following level-specific nutrition infractions:




Meats, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Fats & Oils: You may consume beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish, game meat, all fruits, most vegetables (see below), all nuts and seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, animal fatsbacon cured with sugar, corn oil, soy oil, deli and cured meats, all other fats and oilsLose 1 point for any of the aforementioned foods not at your level.

Grains/starches: You may consume sweet potatoes, yams, almond and coconut "flour," legumesbrown rice, quinoa, oats, buckwheat, wild rice, corn (including corn oil), corn tortillas, traditionally fermented tamari, tempeh (fermented soy beans), soy oil, pasta, white rice, potatoes, popcorn, soy, wheat tortillas, yucca, taro, arrowroot powder, tapioca starchVegetarians are also permitted to have brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, wild rice and fermented soy at any level. Lose 1 point for any of the aforementioned foods not at your level, bread of any kind.

Sugars/sweeteners: You may consume stevia, sugar, honey or other sweetener used in coffee, tea or savory pantry foods (e.g., marinara sauce, chicken broth) and prepared meals, coconut sugar, gum, mints, xylitolLose 1 point for any of the aforementioned foods not at your level, candy, chocolate, sugar as a sweetener in desserts (or "dessert" style sweetened coffee drinks).

Dairy/milk: You may consume butter, fermented dairy (e.g., yogurt and kefir), whey protein, milk, sour cream, cottage cheeseLose 1 point for any of the aforementioned foods not at your level, cheese of any kind.

Alcohol, soda, juice: You may consume kombucha, lemon & lime juice, coconut water, vegetable juice, fruit puree. You may also cook with alcohol and have one serving of wine or spirits per dayLose 1 point for any of the aforementioned foods not at your level, soda, diet soda, beer.

Junk food and artificial ingredients: You may consume sweet potato fries and chips, citric acid, calcium chloride, yeastvegetable chips, xantham and guar gumsMSG, nitrates/nitrites (includes: BHA, BHT, TBHQ), hydrogenated oils, MSG, artificial colors and flavorsLose 1 point for any of the aforementioned foods not at your level, potato chips, french fries, corn chips.

PORTIONS MATTER: Portions size does matter. 1 piece (or bite) of pizza counts for 1 point, 2 pieces counts for 2 points. A whole, unsliced pizza is not one portion, neither is a whole bottle of wine! The same rule applies for any drink of alcohol, soda, or juice. One glass, shot, portion or sip counts as 1, two counts for 2. HOWEVER, food items which contain more than one forbidden ingredient (e.g., a sandwich, pizza, cake, milkshake) only count as 1 point per violation.

EXERCISE RULES: Perform any activity that you consider exercise for at least 10 minutes each day.

STRETCHING RULES: Perform any activity that helps to stretch and mobilize your muscles for at least 10 minutes each day.

WATER RULES: Drink 1/3 your body weight in ounces of water each day (e.g., a 150-pound person should have at least 50 ounces daily).

SUPPLEMENT RULES: Take a nutritional supplement of your choice (e.g., omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, vitamin D, magnesium, antioxidants, multi-vitamins, etc.).

LIFESTYLE RULES: Complete a lifestyle habit, as prescribed, each day or week (e.g., getting at least 7 hours of sleep, meditating or reading or doing something you love for at least 10 minutes a day).