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How To Clean Up Drywall Dust

how to clean up drywall dust
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  • Drywall, Plasterboard or also called gypsum board are panels made of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper, the panels are used to make interior walls and ceilings.
  • A type of board made from plaster, wood pulp, or other material, used esp. to form the interior walls of houses
  • wallboard: a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions; made from plaster or wood pulp or other materials and used primarily to form the interior walls of houses
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how to clean up drywall dust - DEWALT DC500
DEWALT DC500 2-Gallon 12-to-18-Volt Cordless/Corded Wet/Dry Vacuum
DEWALT DC500  2-Gallon 12-to-18-Volt Cordless/Corded Wet/Dry Vacuum
Giving you the option to work cordless or corded, the convenient and powerful DeWalt DC500 Two Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum sucks up big work shop messes and job site debris quickly and efficiently. A unique, high-efficiency filter handles particles as small as 0.3 microns and captures 99.7-percent of dust, letting you present finished products neatly and keep fine drywall dust and other health hazards out of the air. The filter can be rinsed clean, and, since it is a wet/dry filter, you don't have to worry about time consuming change overs between jobs. This vacuum's heavy-duty rubber hose flexes to fit in awkward spaces, and it comes with both a crevice tool and a wide nozzle for added versatility. Other convenient features include an on-board hose design, cord and accessory storage that makes moving from site to site easy, and a drain port on the tank for quick, spill-free disposal of liquids. This vacuum runs off either 120-volt AC power or 12-18-volt DeWalt batteries (batteries and charger not included).

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Boyne Canal Clean Up NSC 2009
Boyne Canal Clean Up NSC 2009
The Boyne Canal clean-up was a great Success, we started out at 8.30am on as a party of 5 and within no time at all there were 15 neighbours and friends cleaning up along the Boyne Canal in Meath. We also cleaned in the canal via Canadian Canoe! 15 of us cleared up and filled the skip with an assortment of full rubbish bags- some actually dumped intact along canal. We also managed to get tyres out of the canal and some nappies...delightful!
Blackrock clean-up
Blackrock clean-up
Pupils from Nano Nagle Community School, Ursuline Girls Secondary School and Gael School Mahon joined up with members of the Blackrock community came together with local schools for a clean-up of the riverside surrounding Blackrock Castle.

how to clean up drywall dust
how to clean up drywall dust
Shop-Vac 9251310 10-Gallon 5.0 Peak HP Drywall Wet/Dry Vacuum
Shop-Vac 10 gallon 5.0 peak HP drywall Vac, is a wet dry vac plus a can be used for fine particle pickup. Designed to make drywall quick and easy. Comes with versatile accessores 12 Ft. x 2.5 In. LockOn(R) hose, 2.5 In. extension wands, utility nozzle, 14 In. wet dry nozzle, crevice tool, elbow grip. Filters include Cleanstream(R) cartridge filter, 2 high efficiency collection bags, and foam sleeve. Has 18 Ft. power cord for extended reach it has a tough poly tank with front tank drain for easy emptying. 1 year warranty and proudly made in USA

The Shop-Vac 10-Gallon 4.5 HP wet/dry vacuum drywall package picks up dirt and debris found in drywall construction. It also sucks up water and most any type of debris. The 4.5 HP single stage motor creates 57 inches of sealed pressure at 165 cubic feet per minute. This vacuum comes with Shop-Vac's new HEPA cartridge filter, along with two-double walled drywall filter bags. The accessory make-up includes an extra long locking 12-foot-by-2.5-inch hose, 14-inch floor nozzle with squeegee, crevice and gulper tools, and extension wands. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

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