Deep Clean Pc

deep clean pc
    deep clean
  • On Sundays, students perform a more thorough cleaning at all of the facilities. This includes washing the vans, cleaning out the refrigerator, yard-work, etc.
  • Parsec
  • A constable is a person holding a particular office, most commonly in law enforcement. The office of constable can vary significantly in different jurisdictions.
  • P.C. is a split 7" vinyl single by the Huntington Beach, California punk rock band Guttermouth and the band BHR, released in 1993 by Signal Sound System Records. It is currently out of print. P.C. is both the title of Guttermouth's side of the record and their track.
  • personal computer: a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

Pile of old documentation
Pile of old documentation
I'm deep cleaning in the house. Every so often, I find a box that I packed when I moved back to the bay area in 1997. This one had a couple of books in it, an old calendar, and all the paper documentation for my first "real" PC (I won't go into what the actual first one was like) in December 1994. What a total mess that thing was. It did what we wanted it to, but everything that could go wrong went wrong, and was a pain to fix. But fix it I did, until I met Casey, who built me a new PC from parts. "Packard Bell" became a phrase of derision around our house. Now what to do with these? They won't be useful in a thrift store. I'm pondering, oh, recycling them, or putting them in our fireplace kindling box. (Burning books of any kind makes me twitch, though, they're probably going into recycling.)
PC 041
PC 041
Llangollen Canal, sign next to Pontcysyllte Aqueduct The inscription in English reads as follows: BUILT BY THOMAS TELFORD, 1795 – 1805. THERE ARE 18 PIERS MADE OF LOCAL STONE. THE CENTRAL ONES OVER THE DEE BEING 126’ HIGH UP TO THE IRONWORK. THE CANAL RUNS THROUGH AN IRON TROUGH 1007’ LONG, 11’ 10” WIDE AND 5’ 3” DEEP. THE LARGEST IN BRITAIN, THE IRON WAS SUPPLIED BY WILLIAM HAZELDINE FROM HIS FOUNDRIES AT SHREWSBURY AND NEARBY CEFN MAWR. TOTAL COST ?47,000 WATER IS FED FROM THE DEE AT THE HORSESHOE FALLS AT LLANTYSILIO NEAR LLANGOLLEN. The sign was cleaned during the conservation works of 2003- 2004 See PC 231 for a postcard of the sign after the conservation work. Photo taken October, 1999 - A Postcard printed April, 2000 Pontcysyllte became a world heritage site in 2009.

deep clean pc
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