Questions and Answers for the CEIEP

The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has created this website to provide a public forum to ask questions about the Clean Energy and Industrial Efficiency Program (CEIEP). 
Submitting questions about this program:
1) Submitt an e-mail to,
2) Use the subject line: "ARRA: Clean Energy and Industrial Efficiency Query." 
3) Questions will be answered directly within 24 hours and answers will be posted on this page. 
4) DOER will continue to update with answers on a regular basis. 
BACKGROUND: DOER has released a Program Opportunity Notice that will provide stimulus funding for combined heat and power (CHP), district energy systems, industrial waste energy recovery, and efficient industrial equipment in the Commonwealth.  The USDOE recently announced a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for $156 million for approximately 12 to 72 awards to deploy energy efficient technologies.  DOER is gathering applications for eligible projects over the next several weeks and, under terms of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), will submit to the DOE a comprehensive application for the eligible projects.
While large projects might be eligible to apply directly to the USDOE grant opportunity, projects in Massachusetts are encouraged to apply to this DOER Program Opportunity Notice.
Further information on the Program Opportunity Notice is available at the DOER website.

  Respondent Query Answer
1 Efficient Industrial Equipment: What types of “Efficient Industrial Equipment” will be eligible? End users seeking to install efficiency equipment at an industrial site (where manufacturing occurs) should submit an application demonstrating the cost of each eligible measure and substantiating the claim that implementing the measure would represent a 25% improvement.
2 Application:  I am interested in applying for funding (PON-ENE-2009-010). I would like information on the application process, information etc.  Can you tell me where I can find that? Instructions on submitting applications and queries are available at the DOER main website ( under the heading “NEW ARRA Funding: Clean Energy.”

The application material will be available by COB June 19.  DOER is making its best effort to make the application available as soon as it is ready.  DOER will notify all query submitters and feature it on the program web page when the application is available.
3 Deadline (6/30): Will there be an extension of time for submitting applications?  An extension is not envisioned at this time.  Projects that are "ready to initiate construction" within 120 of receiving an award should have all documentation necessary to apply within the provided time-frame.
4 Deadline (6/30): Why is the almost identical opportunity offered by US-DOE ( see "Funding Opportunity Announcement" DE-FOA-0000044) showing a different deadline of 7-14-09. DOER will be aggregating the projects into an application to be submitted to USDOE as one proposal by July 14.
5 Multiple Programs: Is this the RFR contemplated under the RFI for transforming buildings, or is this a different program?  This is separate from the DOER SEP Request for Information on the the Mass. Building Energy Transformation Program.
6 Multiple Programs: How does this opportunity relate to other incentives that may be available to us via our Local Distribution Company or via the Federal Government (Tax Credits, Production Credits, MACRS), the Alternative Portfolio Standard certificates for CHP, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, etc?   It is not related to rebates received from your electric utility or other incentives.  Although, you should indicate what other financial support is making up the 50% cost share and the project cannot already be receiving federal money through some other stimulus package.  
7 Entities Applying: Is this funding available for non profit hospitals?  Cities and towns, private firms, state agencies, healthcare and higher education institutions, and non-profit organizations are eligible to respond.  
8 Entities Applying: We are a hospital.  Under - Area of Interest #4 – Efficient Industrial Equipment. Would replacement of boiler feed water pumps with new energy efficient pumps with variable frequency drives fall into this category? Area of Interest #4 (Industrial Efficiency) requires the efficiency measure takes place at an industrial facility (where something is manufactured).  So, unfortunately, although that type of equipment is eligible, since your facility is a hospital, it would not be eligible for funding through this opportunity.
9 Efficient Industrial Equipment: Could you provide more information on what types of “efficient industrial equipment” are eligible to private companies for grant funding? The criteria from the opportunity was provided in the PON:

"Efficient industrial equipment is defined as any proven commercially available technology.  Applications in this area are open to deployment of technologies and systems with a minimum efficiency improvement of 25% into the industrial sector."
Any applications for equipment that meets that criteria will be seriously considered.
10 Entities Applying: Should a town be interested in the CEIE program?  Cities and towns, private firms, state agencies, healthcare and higher education institutions, and non-profit organizations are eligible to respond.  If you have any projects that fit the criteria in the first three areas (dig ready CHP, district energy, or waste heat recovery) we encourage you to apply and will seek to help you through any issues as necessary (Area #4 - industrial efficiency is for industrial sector only).
11 How quickly after 6/30 will applicants be notified? DOER will be aggregating the projects into an application to USDOE by July 14.  Applicants included in this aggregate proposal will be notified either on the day of the submittal or on the following day.
12 Project must be ready to initiate construction within 120 days of project award.  When do you anticipate awards to be made? (July? Sept?) Some estimate might help us gauge whether the projects we are submitting wil make the 120 day requirement.
US-DOE has stated its expectation to make an award in October.
13 Entities Applying: Can this funding be used for large scale multi-family residential projects?  Because of the "industrial efficiency" in title, I wasn't sure that this funding whether this funding was potentially available for residential as well as industrial uses. The Clean Energy refers to CHP, District Energy, and waste energy recovery in all sectors.  Area #4 -Industrial Efficiency refers to efficiency equipment for the industrial sector only.
14 Readiness: In defining "ready to initiate construction", what is the exact benchmark?  For example, does DOER want projects that have a contractor award made within 120 days? According to the US DOE an award is expected in October 2009 and "construction refers to preparation of the installation site and fabrication of the equipment to be deployed."
15 I noticed that the Program Opportunity Notice is in its third version (Version 1.3).  Can you explain what has changed? A typo inadvertently made the PON inconsistent with the US-DOE FOA.  A new revised version of the PON has been posted.  Correcting these errors has not changed the substance or eligibility for the funding opportunity.
16 Multiple Projects: If I have a customer with multiple sites do I need to fill out individual applications or can I submit one application that covers all sites?  Applicants will have the option of aggregating projects in their submittal as long as they are within the same Area of Interest.  However, the lead "person of authority" msut be a representative of the entity owning the equipment and will be reponsible for reporting on the projects submitted.
17 Multiple Projects: Can numerous CHP units serving residential customers qualify? Aggregating multiple CHP units for one property shouldn't be a problem, but, we will look to ensure each unit meets system eff. reqirements.
18 Eligible Technologies: We are considering some solar applications on our campus and wanted to know if that met the criteria.  I’m afraid wind (and other renewables – with the exception of biofuel) are not considered eligible for CHP, District Energy, Waste Heat Recovery, or Industrial Efficiency.
19 Entities Applying: The application I see posted looks like it applies to facilities that are applying to receive assistance under this program. I am looking to be a supplier of products.  It is intended that the entity owning the equipment will be the applicant.  If you have clients that appear to meet the eligibility requirements using your technology, we encourage them to apply.
20 Would a new conventional landfill gas to energy facility be eligible for Area of Interest No. 3?   We cannot provide advice as to eligibility or discuss the merits of proposed projects.  We advise prospective applicants to read the areas of interest carefully and make a determination if their project fits.  They then need to make a business decision as to whether they would like to submit an application.
21 We have projects that could be eligibile for three of the Areas of Interest.  Should we plan to submit separate applications for each project, or would it be appropriate to submit one application with sufficient detail to describe the three projects independently? We are encouraging respondents to submit one application for each area of interest.  The application process will allow applicants to apply to more than one area.