Clean Energy Markets

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Our Mission

At LakeShore Global our mission is to deliver cost effective solutions that will enable the efficient integration and use of resources within the global clean energy markets.

Macro Environment

The renewable energy markets of yesterday are quickly evolving into a fast paced global clean energy mechanism utilizing state of the art technologies to efficiently capture and process energy and data.

Future Direction

To become the largest REC verifier by volume in the United States.  Continue to focus on building strength in new technologies, practical application and integration into the marketplace.

 LakeShore Featured Engagement
Cisco Systems, Inc

As part of a business unit restructuring, when Cisco outsourced a remote function, they required a process to gather detail device data from each independent supplier ticketing platform.

As project manager, LakeShore identified the business processes critical to operations and designed the appropriate network architecture to exchange data across platforms and create customer invoicing and a data warehouse used for financial analysis and reporting.

Cisco saved several million dollars as a direct result of our involvement in this systems integration project.




As the market gets flooded with new reporting schemes, products, and advances in technology, managing your inventory becomes more complex.  Accreditation is required to ensure auditors have an acceptable level of general subject matter knowledge.

At LakeShore Global, our professionals are not only accredited, but considered experts in their respective field of study.  All phases of a verification project are completed by an seasoned professional with expertise relative to the product under review.

Verification of Renewable Offsets

  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Energy Efficiency Certificates
  • Carbon Offset Certificates
  • Emission Reduction Credits
  • Ethanol Renewable Identification Numbers (RINS)

Integrated Solutions

The global clean energy markets continue to grow.  Technological advances will require integrated systems to ensure efficient movement of resources from end to end.  Your environmental strategy is dependent upon your knowledge of the process. In a rapidly developing global clean energy market, one incorrect decision can be very costly. 

LakeShore has the professional skills needed to execute at each phase of the product life cycle.  The right skill for the right job.

End to End Market Solutions
(energy life cycle)
  • Generator financing
  • Smart grid technologies
  • GHG tracking systems
  • Subsystems integration
  • Environmental risk assessment 
  • Corporate planning and reporting


Markets in Action

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