Soft-wash or pressure washing for the exterior home or business, concrete & surface cleaning, mobile wet: sand, coal slag or soda blasting, paint prep, hot or cold water power / pressure and live low-pressure steam cleaning, A/C external coil cleaning, graffiti removal, rust and stain removal from concrete and other services, we also clean decks and fences, plus all types of water pressure cleaning in & around the Springfield MO area

Looking to freshen up the outside of your home or business? From siding to concrete, we clean it all. If you're selling a home or just want have a fresh clean look, start by calling us and have those unsightly black gum blobs removed from your walks and drive-thrus or that green mold and mildew removed from your siding. Using our full line of equipment, Cleaned by Pete will work with you to fill your needs. We use cold or heated high pressure water to clean concrete and other items. If you should need steam, we have that too. Whether it is live low-pressure steam or what is called "wet steam" we are able to do both. Do you need media blasting? Cleaned by Pete can do sand, coal slag or soda blasting. From awnings to patios, wheels to fences, removing graffiti to cleaning the coils in you A/C unit we have the equipment of meet your needs. Our full line of cleaning equipment ranges from: four heated pressure power washers (heated with diesel fuel or clean burning propane) with pressure from 2500 psi to 3500 psi with a heat range up to 210 degrees, three gas powered cold water units and three electric units with pressure from 1600 psi to 4000 psi, and two live steam cleaners heated with propane these units put out live low-pressure steam. We also have one special unit designed to clean your A/C coil from the inside out helping to lower you cooling cost by removing the grass and leaves that may be plugging up the cooling fins. Our media blasting equipment uses two of our pressure washers and two different types of wands and tips to meet any of your pressure washing needs. Our surface cleaning equipment includes 7 different surface cleaners covering any job from decks to concrete sidewalks. We believe Cleaned by Pete has one of the largest lines of cleaners and attachments in the area and will be able to meet your specific needs. Please call us and let us help you with your needs.

Please call for free estimates and consultations. Please look at our pictures here of jobs we have done and visit our sister site for more information. You may also add us at Cleaned by Pete on Facebook.

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