Clean Drain Campaign

The Baltimore Clean Drain Campaign is a public awareness campaign to keep our homes and streams free of sewage. Baltimore schools compete in a friendly competition to collect pledges from parents, students, and city residents. Winning schools get cash prizes!

Can the Grease!

Used cooking fats, oils, and grease belong in the trash, not down the drain.

Here's what we hope you pledge to do: Let the oil and grease cool down, and put it in a container. When the container is full, put it in the trash. Mission accomplished!
Can the grease photo, courtest of
Pour used cooking oil into a container. When the container is full, toss it in the trash. Photo courtesy of

And why does the City of Baltimore care how you dispose of your cooking oil and grease? Because cooking oil and grease clogs pipes -- your home plumbing and the city sewer system. The picture below shows the problem we are trying to prevent: 

Clogged pipe, photo courtesy
Used cooking oil and grease builds up in home plumbing and sewer pipes. Photo courtesy of the City of Euless, TX

Used cooking oil and grease can clog your plumbing, requiring an expensive visit from the plumber. And it may even cause a sewage backup in your basement. That's nasty, unhealthy, and is even more expensive to solve. 
Photo courtesy
This sink can't drain because the plumbing is clogged with oil and grease. Photo courtesy of Salta Mechanical

And when the sewer system becomes too clogged to deliver wastewater to the treatment plant, it overflows into streams and Baltimore Harbor.

Photo courtesy Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Clogged sewer systems cause polluted streams. Photo courtesy of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

And that's how grease in your plumbing leads to warning signs along your streams!

Photo courtesy Charmcity123/Flickr
Clogged pipes cause polluted waters. Photo courtesy of Charmcity123 via Flickr.