Wolfenstein tweaker

Welcome to the webpage of the WolfensteinMP tweaker!

With this application, you can tune a lot of game settings. Every settings has it's description, and most of them have pictures (soon), so you'll know exactly, which setting what does!

You'll need the .net Framework 3.5 (2.0 may be enough) to run this application!!

Note: This tweaker is only for the Multiplayer part of the game!!!

If you experience the 'Bandwidth exceeded' error, try to download the file from an other mirror!!!

Latest updates:

2009-08-26: Wolfenstein Tweaker 1.0.1 released
2009-08-23: Wolfenstein Tweaker 1.0 released
2009-08-21: Wolfenstein Tweaker 0.95 Beta reelased
2009-08-20: Wolfenstein Tweaker 0.9 Beta released




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