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The TweakerCreator:

With the TweakerCreator, you can create Tweaker applications for games or applications.

Note: the TweakerCreator is under development. It supports now every idTech3, idTech4, CoD2/CoD4, Source engine games, and it should support other engines which can load config files.


  • Editor to add settings, options. Avaliable display types of the options are:
    • Combobox (with up to 16 items)
    • Radiobuttons (up to 5 radioboxes + clear button)
    • Textbox
    • Slider  (with value-multiplier)
    • Numeric-Up-Down box
    • Colored-name editor (support for the idTech3, idTech 4, CoD2, CoD4 engine, color codes)
    • Folder browse box
    • File browse box
    • Label (only to categorize the settings)   
  • The application will fit every setting to the panel, automaticly. If there are too many settings, the application will open new tabpages to place them.
  • Every setting has also: 
    • Label
    • Variable name (the name from the application recognizes the variable so this name will be used in the config file)
    • Default value
    • Description (plus optionally one 400*300 (px) sized picture in .JPG format)
  • (*Optional) Preset saving function (the users can save a snapshot from the current settings, and then load it later)
  • Import Configuration file option (the users can import the output configuration file. They can load the configuration file which was generated by the application/game)
  • Delete config file option
  • Language file support + Language editor, (limited edition of the editor) to edit only the texts. You can give it to your users, so they can translate the texts, but they can't modify the settings.
  • Redrawable button pictures
  • (*Optional) Open website button to open your project's website
  • (*Optional) Automatic path finding option. You can specify one or two folders, where the tweaker can save a config file (with the default filename, for example autoexec.cfg) automaticly. Special folders are avaliable (like Desktop, My documents, Application data, etc.). If  other information (like in-game login name) is needed to get to the folder, you can ask the user for it.

    -If you enable this automatic path finding option, manual (browsing) method will be still avaliable.

    -If an autoexec.cfg (default cfg file) already exists, the user can select from two solutions: Make a backup from the current autoexec.cfg (or the default config file), or save the config file with a different name, and (*optional) add an execution command to the existing autoexec.cfg (default cfg file) file
  • About screen with your picture.
  • Many customization options:
    • Config file extension
    • Default config file name
    • Quote mark (r_fullscreen = 1  or  r_fullscreen = "1")
    • '=' or other character (r_fullscreen 1  or r_fullscreen 1  or  r_fullscreen *whatever* 1)
    • Prefix (r_fullscreen 1  or  seta r_fullscreen 1  or  *whatever* r_fullscreen 1)

Latest version:


Applications, using the TweakerCreator system:

ETQW Tweaker 2.x

Doom 3 Tweaker

Wolfenstein Tweaker

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