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Server browsers: 

  • HLSW Server browser 
  • HLSW is a server browser with ETQW Support (version beta or above)






Server tools: 


Other tools:


  • ETQW Map Wizard 1.02 
  • [TFA]Violator made a little app to create the necessary files to make a new map (with the exception of the world file itself). It requires .NET 2 framework to run.
  • Forum thread


  • Very detailed zoomable maps, from the game.


  • QW Script plugin for Notepad++
  • This is a QuakeWars plugin for Notepad++ for use in creating and editing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Scripts, GUIs and Shaders.        


  • Demo playback config 
  • Joe999 created a useful demo playback config

    Using this, you can change the playback speed,the camera      speed, you can move anywhere in the map, and you can take high quality screenshots, while playing back a demo file.



  • Quake Wars Promoter v1.0a
  • A tool to promote a text from a textfile to your running Quake Wars Dedidacated Server in a specific interval. The Quake Wars Promoter runs from any place, you don't have to run it on your server.


  • ET:QW Stats v0.95 
  • This program takes the log files from Enemy Territory and parses the data into a MySQL database. Using that data it feeds a webpage which will desplay the stats for both the server and the players. It is great for community ran servers who only want to compare regular players to each other. It can display a lot of data but unfortunitly it can not go into detail as Splash Damage Rank Server Stats go into.  




  • ETQW Minimizer
  • This is a minimizer tool for ETQW, created by ~sonic-nz


 ETQW Signature generators: 

With this pages you can make a signature image file, from your ETQW stats. Just enter your ETQW Account name, select the options, and the image is ready to paste everywhere.  




Other Quake Wars tools -