Textile cleaning gun - How to clean cast aluminum - Cleaning carpets.

Textile Cleaning Gun

textile cleaning gun
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textile cleaning gun - Textile Spot
Textile Spot Cleaning Gun - 110 Volt
Textile Spot Cleaning Gun - 110 Volt
Textile Spot Cleaning Gun - 110 Volt Textile Spot Cleaning Gun Now every textile shop can have the ability to blow out cured plastisol, mistakes and other spots on garments using a high pressure spray which is adjustable without an air compressor. Gun uses 110V electrical power. 110v, 1.650p.s.i. adjustable nozzle NO compressor needed - self contained Just plug in and start cleaning Brand new in box All metal handle - not a plastic piece like others sell! THESE GUN'S ARE MADE FOR METHYLENE CHLORIDE, PERCHLOROETHYLENE AND TRICHLOROETHYLENE AS WELL AS ALL OF THE NON-CHLORINATED SOLVENTS. WE CAN ALSO SUPPLY YOU WITH SOLVENTS AND/OR SOLVENT BLENDS.

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textiles homework for tomorrow 13/31
textiles homework for tomorrow 13/31
let me talk you through it then... so the teacher said we had to decorate this fabric and make it tell her something about ourselves and i really didnt know what to do... so read the tags on it for more explainations. let me know what you think. took me ages to thinkg of something, and because its the first peice of textiles homework i had to make sure i put some effort into it.
Textiles from a market in Guatemala

textile cleaning gun
textile cleaning gun
Digital Textile Design: Portfolio Skills (Portfolio Skills: Fashion & Textiles)
Digital Textile Design covers everything students and practitioners of textile design will need to learn about designing and printing digitally.

Textile designers are beginning to realize the creative potential of digital textile design and are fast catching up with graphic designers who have taken to working digitally. New digital textile-printing technology is enabling designers to work with an almost unlimited palette of colors to produce work of staggering detail in relatively short timescales.

Written specifically for textile designers, Digital Textile Design provides the know-how for students andprofessionals who wish to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as design tools. A series of inspirational tutorials, presented in step-by-step format, guide the reader through the process of creating designs that will be suited to both the traditional textile production process, and to the new industry of digital printing onto fabric.

Against the backdrop of the development of digital print, the book discusses how designers can access this new technique, looks at the work of those currently exploring its possibilities, and also features the craft of embellishment that is being used to offset the apparent flatness of print.

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