Shower Mold Cleaning

shower mold cleaning
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shower mold cleaning - Seventh Generation,
Seventh Generation, Shower Cleaner / Sanitizer Natural Citrus Scent 32 Ounces
Seventh Generation, Shower Cleaner / Sanitizer Natural Citrus Scent 32 Ounces
Seventh Generation Shower Cleaner is specifically formulated for removing and preventing soap scum buildup, and stains caused by mold and mildew. Use in the shower for thorough cleaning, and daily for maintenance to prevent buildup. Unlike many conventional shower cleaning products, our product does not create unpleasant fumes and will not leave harmful residues. Our Shower Cleaner / Sanitizer is, Non-toxic, Biodegradable and contains NO Chlorine, Petroleum based solvents, Glycol ethers, Phosphates, Acids, Caustics or Dyes and is scented with a natural citrus fragrance.

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Day 14 of 365 "Black mold clean up"
Day 14 of 365 "Black mold clean up"
The corners of our living room and two of the bedrooms have black mold that grows in them. I have to wash the corners down with soapy bleach water to get rid of it. I wear gloves because I read that the mold isn't good for the skin. Afterwards, I take a long shower. I did have my girls separated from my son during the summer. But, when it got cold outside the mold started to grow in the girls room but not in my son's room which is the middle bedroom. My bedroom has it as well. So, I moved my girls into my son's room and they all three share that room. I know that it isn't healthy for them to sleep or play in the same room as the mold. So, I figure it is better for all three of them to share than the alternative. Our lease is up at the end of May. We would like to move then because of the mold but will need to wait a few more months until we have the money saved to move. Once it is warm out the mold should stop growing. It is because the walls are poorly insulated and when the cold from outside touches the warm air inside it is perfect for mold to grow. Plus, the warmth of our breath inside adds moisture to the air. Each day I open all the windows at once and air out the apartment. Sometimes, I do it twice a day if it gets too steamy from my cooking. Our landlord told me that is how you keep the mold away. Right! The mold still grows. I suspect the mold is inside the walls because around our bedroom window the molding is cracking. I read that is a sign it is inside the walls. All in all it is not at all healthy.
Bacteria Growth in my Friend's Shower
Bacteria Growth in my Friend's Shower
Pictured here is the gross bacterial growth in my friend's shower due to lack of cleaning. In Lab 4, we learned about bacteria and antibacterial agents. One thing I learned while dealing with bacteria in Lab 4 was that disinfectants, or substances used to kill or inhibit bacteria, can be used to make sure that bacterial growth like this doesn't risk anyone's health.

shower mold cleaning
shower mold cleaning
Granite Gold GG0039 Shower Cleaner 24 Fl. Oz.
Designed by professionals with over 40 years in the stone industry, Granite Gold products over unsurpassed excellence in stone and tile care. Granite Gold Shower Cleaner is a safe alternative to traditional bathroom cleaning products. It's specially formulated to intensively clean bathroom and shower surfaces without harming natural stones and tiles. Non-abrasive and safe for use on granite, marble, travertine, limestone, glass and ceramic tile. Regular use of this cleaner with help prevent the growth of mold, mildew, soap scum, and hard water deposits. The non-acidic formula is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly

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