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How To Clean A Kids Room

how to clean a kids room
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how to clean a kids room - How to
How to Clean Your Room in 10 Easy Steps
How to Clean Your Room in 10 Easy Steps
Got a messy room? No problem!

This simple, laugh-out-loud picture-book guide to cleaning your room is sure to make picking up a snap. Here is the first rule: Always wait until your mother hollers, "GET UP THERE AND CLEAN YOUR ROOM—NOW!" using all three of your names. Once she does, you'd better get moving. From dumping out drawers and dividing stuff into piles to arranging all eight zillion of your stuffed animals, here's the kind of advice on room tidying that everyone can relate to.

With funny, direct text by Jennifer LaRue Huget and amazing illustrations by New Yorker artist Edward Koren, this book is sure to appeal to messy kids everywhere.

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GMDS Round 3
GMDS Round 3
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Kid Galahad
Kid Galahad
One of the oldest stories in pictures - the grooming of a heavyweight champion - has been done again with good results [from the Saturday Evening Post story by Francis Wallace]. The treatment is sophisticated and production deluxe. Also more than the usual amount of romance for a slugfest. This allows room for Bette Davis to moon over the clean kid from the farm, and for the fight manager's convent-bred sister to also fall in love with him. But essentially it's the story of the kid's manager (Edward G. Robinson) who maneuvers to match the bellhop-pugilist (Wayne Morris) in order to pay off the grudge he holds for a felonious fellow-manager (Humphrey Bogart) whose methods are always on the muscle side. Davis has two or three nice opportunities and as usual handles herself throughout with plenty of noodle work. She's been photographed for glittering results in a couple of the sequences by Tony Gaudio. Script adroitly avoids any line or allusion that could identify her as the mistress of robinson, who, however, is constantly walking into her apartment with a proprietary air. Davis also sings one song in a night club sequence, voice seemingly being doubled. Robinson and Bogart, both grim guys, make their rivalry entirely plausible. Both performers know how. Warner. Director Michael Curtiz; Screenplay Seton I. Miller; Camera Tony Gaudio; Editor George Amy; Music Leo F. Forbstein (dir.); Art Director Carl Jules Weyl from VARIETY 1937

how to clean a kids room
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