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Home Dry Cleaning Kits

home dry cleaning kits
    cleaning kits
  • (Cleaning Kit) Contains brushes that are used to clean the Hookah after every use.
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home dry cleaning kits - Gun Cleaning
Gun Cleaning Tool Kit - 30+ Parts SHOTGUN PISTOL RIFLE+
Gun Cleaning Tool Kit - 30+ Parts SHOTGUN PISTOL RIFLE+

Durable Foam lined case is filled with over 25 Useful Tools and Cleaning accesories including ALL this:
- 10 / 12 gauge brass wire brush
- 20 / 28 gauge brass wire brush
- 410 gauge brass wire brush
- .45 caliber brass wire brush
- .40 caliber brass wire brush
- 357 / .38 / 9mm caliber brass wire brush
- .17 caliver brass wire brush
- 30 caliber brass wire brush
- 270 / 280 caliber wire brush
- .22 caliber brass wire brush
- 10 / 12 gauge terry cleaning mop
- 20 / 28 gauge terry cleaning mop
- 410 shotgun terry cleaning mop
- 357 / .38 / 9mm terry cleaning mop
- .22 caliber terry cleaning mop

WOW! There's MORE!!
Enough RODS to clean pistols and rifles of ANY caliber!
Enough Heavy Duty Rods for high power rifles and SHOTGUNS!

Theres a couple of different adaptors including slotted tips for running cleaning patches through smaller caliber rifles and pistols!
Theres also a healthy stack of cleaning patches included!

Comfortable rotating handles for both the pistol rods and the shotgun rods, ROTATION is important since many barrels have twists / "rifled" and the handle needs to spin!

Great Kit in a nice life long case

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Please, take it away...
Please, take it away...
A relatively local lake bed that's in a drought. This is only a portion of a much, much larger lake that still has enough of its water to offer fishing tournaments on most weekends. This past weekend I did some volunteering focusing on cleaning up accumulations of refuse in and around local parks. Afterward, I took that concept to my favorite lake area where I've taken some wildlife images I've posted here. When I walked through my normal trail and came out to where the lake's shore usually begins, all I saw was an expanse of drying, cracked mud minus the hawks, herons, egrets, coots, dragonflies... And, as is now everywhere we go, there is trash. Beneath the surface of our lakes, on the trails, under bridges there is no end to the trash... I like this photo, though, for a couple of reasons. It makes me feel the like that center branch is pushing that old beer can, edging it towards me... making it a personal demand from that branch to me. It was also taken by a lens that few use, I think, the Canon EF 20-35mm f/3.5-4.5 USM. I saw it some months ago (maybe 6 months?) at my local camera shop back home. One of those obviously very used lenses, it was the only non-kit lens under the glass for a very long time. It's surface is smoothed over and shiny, its writing is worn near-off, even the lens cap's writing is worn dark. If it weren't so cheap, I still would have passed on it, but I was aching for a usable wide on my 20d. It's previous owner used it a lot... and I can see why.
Nebraska Floods 2010
Nebraska Floods 2010
LaDonna Myers, a resident of King Lake, NE, outside of Omaha, provided vivid recollections of her experience surviving flood waters that reached over three feet inside her home to Red Cross volunteers doing case work for victims in the area in late June. She is a survivor with a very positive outlook even though most of her possessions lie in a giant trash receptacle in her front yard. Inside her home, she showed the Red Cross workers how water was still standing in the crawl space under the exposed floor joists, stripped of their plywood underlayment, removed to speed the drying process. Her walls also were stripped down to the studs three feet up from the floor, with the drywall and insulation removed. She told of watching the water rise as it ran off the nearby cornfields into the lake and, knowing the lake would soon surround her house, she ran into Omaha and purchased a canoe, which, loaded with her boyfriend and two dogs, provide their escape to a neighbor’s house on higher ground. The Red Cross has been active in the Omaha region providing food, water and clean up supplies to affected residents since the flooding began in mid-June. Myers praised the Red Cross for their assistance. She made good use of the Clean-up kit they gave her, saying she particularly liked the rubber gloves, mop and squeegee and cleaning supplies. She also liked the water and snacks they supplied during the clean-up process. Photo Credit: Gerry Holmes/American Red Cross

home dry cleaning kits
home dry cleaning kits
Hoppe's Deluxe Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit
More than 100 years in the gun care business has taught us a thing or two about what makes a good kit. Precisely why hunters, shooters and those in search of the perfect gift continually turn to Hoppe's®. Our kits aren't just convenient, they're extremely well thought out. The Hoppes Deluxe Gun Cleaning accessory kit includes a three piece universal brass cleaning rod, eight phosphor bronze brushes to fit .22, .270/7mm, .30, .357/9mm, .40/10mm and .44/.45 calibers, along with 12 ga. and 20 ga., Six swabs for 12 ga. and 20 ga., plus .35/38, .22/.270, .280/.32,and .40/45 calibers, Four slotted ends to fit .410 bore to 20 ga., 16 and 12 ga.,.30 caliber and .22 caliber, Four knob ends for .22, .30, .38 and .44/.45 calibers, Shotgun and pistol adaptable. Solvents and pad not included in picture.

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