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clock cleaning supplies
    cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning agents and small cleaning equipment used in the cleaning of guestrooms and public areas in the hotel.
  • a timepiece that shows the time of day
  • measure the time or duration of an event or action or the person who performs an action in a certain period of time; "he clocked the runners"
  • An ornamental pattern woven or embroidered on the side of a stocking or sock near the ankle
  • (clocks) redstem storksbill: European weed naturalized in southwestern United States and Mexico having reddish decumbent stems with small fernlike leaves and small deep reddish-lavender flowers followed by slender fruits that stick straight up; often grown for forage

[3252] Hillsborough Barracks : Cavalry Quarters Clock Tower
[3252] Hillsborough Barracks : Cavalry Quarters Clock Tower
Hillsborough Barracks is a walled complex of buildings between Langsett Road and Penistone Road. The complex covers an area of c22 acres. It was designed by HM Office of Works and dates from 1850-54. It replaced an inadequate barracks closer to the town centre at an estimated cost of ?94,000. The barracks is divided into three terraces. The first (top) terrace faces onto what is now Langsett Road. This contained the Mess establishment, quarters for around 40 officers and a similar number of servants, and a chapel. This building has a length of about 354 feet. The other buildings of the barracks consisted of: * A large five bedroomed house serving as the Garrison Commander’s Quarters outside the walls * A 58-patient two-storey hospital incorporating a barracks for RAMC personnel, a Dental Clinic and a facility for treating women * Infantry soldiers quarters * A clock towered building, with cavalry soldiers' quarters on the first floor and stabling for 260 horses on the ground floor (total accommodation for 918 NCO and other ranks) * A Gymnasium * A Riding School * A school for 80 children and accommodation for the schoolmistress * Married quarters flats for 50 families provided outside the walls * A gun shed housing six field guns * The Barracks Store with living quarters for the Barracks Sergeant * A Guard Room, incorporating a Police Room, Detention Cells, and an exercise yard * A vehicle shed (built in 1903) which could house 26 motor cars * A Veterinary Infirmary, large enough to house 18 horses * A Granary * Four cookhouses * various workshops The barracks had its own water supply fed from the nearby Rawson Spring on the facing hillside towards Walkley. The spring kept 21 underground tanks filled with over half a million gallons of water. The smallest tank held 12,000 gallons, the largest 50,000 gallons. It was rumoured at the time that this water supply would be for the benefit of Sheffield’s gentry who would seek refuge in the barracks in the event of an uprising. With entrances on both Langsett and Penistone Road it was considered to be amongst the finest and best arranged barracks in the kingdom, and as a military depot it ranked amongst the largest in the country. On the northern side of the Barracks runs the River Loxley. On the night of Friday 11 March 1864 the ill-fated Dale Dike Dam further up the Loxley Valley at Bradfield burst and the resulting flood waters breeched a stone wall that was three feet thick. The water reached a height of about 60 feet above normal river water level, and drowned two children of Sergeant Paymaster Foulds in the Married Quarters. The last army unit left the Barracks in February 1930, leaving the Barracks unoccupied except for a resident caretaker. On 26 July 1932 an auction was held on instruction of the War Department by Eadon & Lockwood in Sheffield. However, when bidding only reached ?12,000 the auction was terminated and the Barracks was withdrawn from sale. In October of that year the complex was sold to Burdall’s Ltd, a manufacturing chemist noted for it gravy salt, and it became known as Burdall’s Buildings. A major redevelopment of the site was embarked upon in the late 1980s. The result is the large retail and business complex seen today, in which all the surviving structures have been cleaned of the grime from Sheffield's industrial past. The focus of the complex is Morrisons Supermarket covering the old Artillery Parade Ground, which has been roofed for the purpose and is fronted by the clock towered stable block. The old Infantry Parade Ground is now a two-storey car park between the Stable Block and the old Officer Mess (now Sheffield Insulations Ltd). The old football ground and Rifle Range are now a B&Q DIY Superstore. The Married Quarters which served as flats until the end of the 1970s were demolished and the area is now a McDonald's Drive-through Restaurant. The Garrison Commanders’s House was demolished and its site is now a bus station. The old Guard room is now the Garrison Hotel. The hospital building is now Skills for Business, part of Sheffield College. Other buildings within the site serve as a Jobcentre Plus and the headquarters of the Coalfield Pensions Scheme. The whole site is once again known as Hillsborough Barracks. As a Grade II listed building, it represents the only surviving example of a walled barracks within the UK.
Richard Vick Longcase Grandfather Clock Movement and Dial, Daniel Quare Apprentice, Inside Countwheel, 5 x Five Ringed Pillar London Movement.
Richard Vick Longcase Grandfather Clock Movement and Dial, Daniel Quare Apprentice, Inside Countwheel, 5 x Five Ringed Pillar London Movement.
The Richard Vick Longcase Dial after re-silvering, This Clock movement and dial date to around 1705 - 1710, Five Pillar London Movement with Inside Countwheel and Wheat Ear Engraving, 100% Original. Richard Vick was bound to Richard Speakman on 31st January 1692 for the standard seven year apprenticeship.(For some reason, unreported, Richard Vicks apprenticeship lasted nearly 10 years? Perhaps health issues or difficulty finding a master to serve under) Before this time had elapsed however, he was turned over to Francis Asseline, a Freeman of the Haberdashers' Company until 1699. He was later turned over (apprenticed) to Daniel Quare and finally admitted to the Clockmakers Company on 2nd April 1702. He received the Royal Warrant on 8th December 1722, in which he is described as 'Watchmaker and Clockmaker' in the room of "Joseph Antram". In 1729. It is known that Richard Vick supplied King George II with a quarter chiming ormolu mounted boulle bracket clock. He took Apprentices - June 1710 John Johnson; January 1711 Thomas Gladman; March 1716 Richard Blinco; August 1719 Samuel Noyes. He was made Master of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers in 1729, His work is little known really for a Clockmaker of such high regard within the Clockmaking community as he must have known Joseph Knibb, John Harrison, Joseph and Thomas Windmills, George Graham, Edward Banger and Thomas Tompion through his tenure as both an Apprentice and Freeman of the Clockmakers Company. I have had plenty of time to study the movement and have looked at a few Quare Longcase movments and found the obvious simillarities in lay out, wheel geometry and the obligatory Five, 5 x ringed pillars which by the way are identical to Quare, They perhaps also shared engravers, the dial engraving is too fine to be done by Mr Vick and most clockmakers of the era had dials engraved outside, As Richard Vick would have had a working relationship with Mr Quare's engraver it would sound reasonable that if he were to be trying to cater to the same market he would use the same engraver. This is a fine specimen of Clock Art and I treasure it and am doing what is loosely called a Sympathetic Restoration with no alteration to its present state other that to clean, re-silver and put back into occasional operation just for my personal satisfaction. Inquiries to

clock cleaning supplies
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