Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

The first question you need to ask is how dirty is my carpet? The answer to this question will determine what carpet cleaning method you can use. Notice I say “method” not machine. carpet cleaning is a combination of machine and products.

You will find that you will see lots of carpet cleaning marketing claiming that a carpet cleaning machine will out perform others. This is misleading, because it will be the products that break down the dirt so that it can be removed by the machine. The quality of the products are just as important as any machine.

Preventive Carpet Cleaning Methods (low moisture)

Method : Bonnet Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Method : Crystallisation Absorption Carpet Cleaning

Method : Dry Carpet Cleaning

Corrective Carpet Cleaning Methods

Method : Crystallisation Absorption Carpet Cleaning Plus

Method : Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning)

Method : Hot Water Extraction – Heavy Soil

Method : Hot Water Extraction – Wool Carpets

Method : Hot Water Extraction – White Carpets

Salvage Carpet Cleaning Method

The Removal Of Browning From Carpets

The Removal Of Smoke Odours From Carpets

Soot Removal From Carpets

Odour Removal From Carpets

Flooded Or Excessively Wet Carpets

Preventive Carpet Cleaning Methods (low moisture)

This method can be used on most types of carpets assuming that they are

  • in good condition
  • being regularly dry vacuumed
  • only lightly soiled
  • Spots and no stains
  • ideal for maintaining carpets or traffic areas

This method is for conditions where soil levels are slightly heaver than for method one.

  • Soils is removed from the carpet by rotary agitation of a cotton bonnet pad per wet in a solution of fibre shampoo
  • Any residue left behind in carpet will crystallise.
  • Do not use or substitute cleaning product
  • This method is for use as a maintenance periodical preventive program
  • Drying times are about 30 minutes to an hour.
  • This method is not suitable for shag pile carpets

For customers that have had a bad experience with poor carpet cleaners in the past where their carpets have taken days to dry out dry carpet cleaning is the answer. These customers just dont want to risk having to go though that experience again. This method is also suitable for maintenance of lightly soiled carpets, or carpet in use all the time.

  • Granular or as we like to call them sponges are agitated into the surface of the carpet to absorb the greasy soils.
  • The Sponges with the soil attached are then vacuumed off after some dwell time.
  • Carpets can be used immediately

Corrective Carpet Cleaning Methods

This method will clean the top half of any carpet pile.

  • The success of the method relies totally on a crystallising foam formulation which is scrubbed into the carpet with a rotary machine.
  • The carpet cleaning solution emulsifies the soil from the carpet pile
  • The water from the carpet cleaning solution evaporates.
  • The residue harden into a dry crystal encapsulating the soil.
  • These soil crystals are then removed at a later stage by normal regular dry vacuuming.

This method is favoured by contact cleaners as its low cost and dry quickly.

This method is designed to remove any dirt that is bonded to the carpet fibres on light to medium soiled carpets.

Salvage Carpet Cleaning Method

This method is uses a combination of rotary scrubbing machine and hot water extraction to rinse on carpets with very heavy soil.

This problem is usually caused by excess water and alkaline detergent wicking up colour from the jute backing. This browning can mostly be treated with an oxidising bleaching action. This method should only be used on white, off white and plan pastel colour carpets. if your carpet has more than one colour then use a product from Prochem called “Browning Prescription”