Red triangle denotes proposed asphalt site: 14.6 acres at 2280 Walnut Street, Roseville MN  |  Nearest residential neighborhood: 800 feet to SE 

The Roseville City Council voted unanimously to deny the conditional use permit for storage of outdoor materials, and the asphalt plant itself, on November 29, 2010. Thank you all who've contributed to this effort!


Bituminous Roadways had proposed a hot mix asphalt plant at 2280 Walnut Str. in Roseville, MN, only 800 feet from a residential neighborhood to the southeast and 800 feet from a golf course to the west. If approved, they would've been able to produce up to 589,231 tons of hot mix asphalt per year (in their 8-month production period from April through November) on the proposed 14.6 acre lot.

An organization of residents, property owners, and business owners who live or work near the asphalt plant formed the Neighbors Against the Asphalt Plant (NAAP) group. This is the NAAP website providing information on the proposed plant and, now that the fight is over, the history of what lead to the council decision.

The Facts

The proposed plant would have included the following:
  • 74 foot smokestack with smoke plumes
  • Two 2.1 million gallon storage tanks to store hot liquid asphalt, among other storage and heating tanks
  • Piles of rubble (asphalt, concrete, shingles) and crushed material (above + sand) as high as 36'
  • Portable crushing operation to crush rubble twice annually for 3 weeks at a time
  • Max. 674 truck trips/day
  • 24/7 operations (most work between 6am and 8pm) with trucks and trains delivering through the night
  • Air pollutants, including particulate matter (dust, including ultra-fine particles), greenhouse gases, carcinogenic pollutants, and neurotoxins, such as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), benzene, lead, and more
  • People with asthma and other respiratory issues and children are the most sensitive to air pollutants emitted by asphalt plants
  • Eight childhood education sites exist within 1.5 miles (one elementary school, four community parks/centers with outdoor recreation programming, two preschools, and one childcare center) 
See more in this website, including Health & Political Issues and What You Can Do.

See About NAAP for contact information.


  • Council voted 4-0 to deny the permit We are elated to see the Roseville City Council vote unanimously to deny the conditional use permit and therefore the asphalt plant from coming into Roseville. See In the Media ...
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  • Report recommends council members deny permit According to the over 15MB report for the 11/29/2010 City Council meeting, staff recommends that the council adopt a resolution to DENY the proposed conditional use permit. See ...
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  • NAAP hosts gathering to prep for City Council meeting On November 23rd, members of the NAAP Strategies Committee will provide information on the issues before the City Council and how members of the community can help ensure the asphalt ...
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  • Environmental review halted on account of ordinance 1397 Upon the amendment specifically prohibiting asphalt plants and other industrial activities, the MPCA wrote a letter notifying Roseville that it does not conduct environmental review on projects that are prohibited ...
    Posted Nov 10, 2010, 6:45 PM by Megan Dushin
  • Write to City Council Members by Nov 29th City Council members will hold public hearing on Monday, Nov 29 to consider the conditional use permit for outdoor storage of materials for use in operation of an asphalt plant ...
    Posted Nov 10, 2010, 6:46 PM by Megan Dushin
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